grey mullet

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highly valued lean flesh of marine or freshwater mullet

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Mackerel, sardine and grey mullet are caught in nets and dumped into plastic crates to be sold in the street markets.
I'd never had grey mullet before, thinking it was perhaps a fish of the red variety who was having a bit of a bad day.
The last time I got so tense over a grey mullet was some years ago when the old man had a seriously dodgy haircut
Grey mullet luxuriated in a lemongrass beurre blanc with pork fat spread like gossamer over its green beans; there was tender guinea fowl and seared liver: it was all serious cooking.
A preliminary report on the development, growth and survival of laboratory reared larvae of the grey mullet, Mugil cephalus L.
There is a varied Sunday menu, offering the traditional - roast ribeye, Yorkshire pud and red wine jus, as well as the less conventional - roast fillet of grey mullet on crushed new potatoes and sweetcorn.
Using float-fished breadflake with liquidised bread as groundbait, he soon had a fine 4lb 4oz thick-lipped grey mullet on the bank.
OK TO EAT Anchovy, Arctic char, farmed seabass, bream, cockle, Atlantic cod, coley, crab dab, haddock, farmed halibut, Atlantic herring, mussels, farmed prawns (king and tiger), sardine, European pilchard, skipjack tuna, red salmon, lemon sole, Dover sole, rainbow trout, turbot, whiting AVOID Eel, grey mullet, ling, Greenland halibut, mackerel, marlin, bluefin tuna, langoustine, plaice, shark, common skate, sole, sturgeon, swordfish, whitebait
Lynn's grey mullet and quinoa also won rave reviews.
Gill Reacord of Aberdyfi's Gill's Plaice, says: "In Cardigan Bay, the mackerel is in season in summer as well as grey mullet, which is excellent for barbecues.
A main course of grey mullet was perfectly partnered by a memorable vanilla mash and anise foam.
In Sardinia he went to Cabras on the west coast and Oliena in the centre, trying grey mullet which, "I crave even now I'm back".
We plumped for grilled sardine wrapped in parma ham with rocket salad, then pan-fried grey mullet, plus chocolate tart with orange confit followed by a lie-down.
A procedural guide to induce spawning in grey mullet (Mugil cephalus L.
Grey mullet looks a bit like sea bass with its silver skin while the flesh is equally firm and delicately flavoured.