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The team feels that further study is required to understand the psyche of these teens as they grow older and see what behavior they display and how the larger grey matter volume affects their personality once they are fully developed physically and mentally.
Grey matter is considered a marker for neurological disorders that can occur over time, including mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's.
More grey matter in the hippocampus means a healthier brain, all round.
Probably being urged in 1948-49 to "use your grey matter, boy", as the questions in maths got that extra bit tricky before the scholarship examination.
In order to understand the most robust abnormalities in grey matter volumes, the research team, which included the National University of Singapore, carried out a meta-analysis of the voxel based morphometric study on childhood maltreatment.
The findings showed weekly baked or grilled fish consumption was positively associated with grey matter volumes.
The courses of Brilliant Tutorials will be offered in Oman through Grey Matter Academics, Chennai, who will exclusively represent Brilliant Tutorials in the Middle East.
Grey matter consists of the cell bodies of neurons, rather than the fibres that transmit signals.
Walking greater distances did not appear to preserve grey matter any
Grey Matter, a specialist in helping organisations maximise the benefits and minimise the risks of buying, deploying and managing software, has launched its new software asset management service, SAMwise, and at the same time released details of an early SAMwise customer, Mitsubishi Motors in the UK.
Musicians in the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra were found to have an average of 15pcmore grey matter in the brain region than non-musicians.
We all know that book designers never read the grey matter making up that boring stuff we readers call text, but this person has decided to interpose ridiculous 'artistic' lines all over the place.
Researchers found that adolescent children who were poor at calculation had a reduced amount of grey matter at a specific site on the left parietal lobe.