grey market

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an unofficial market in which goods are bought and sold at prices lower than the official price set by a regulatory agency

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Oil-patch players traded on the Canadian grey market run the gamut from some that have no intention of going public to those that structured themselves almost as public companies, and aim to launch IPOs.
Of the over $300 billion semiconductor market alone, the grey market furnishes five to 10 percent of that.
The size of the grey market globally has been reported to be between $3.
Some of the factors responsible for existence and operation of the grey market are high unit Tax arbitrage contributes to the menace of fakes
As with grey markets previously offered by IG Markets (some examples include the floats of Queensland Rail, Tatts group and Telstra), the level of the Facebook share CFDs will be driven by supply and demand.
According to a report, prices for the latest member of the iPhone family on the grey market through third-party sellers here in the UAE go for anything from Dh6,000 (16GB model) to Dh9,750 for (64GB version).
But while Tesco preferred to show its strength by temporarily delisting the brand, other retailers are understood to have turned to the grey market, sending a clear message to the supplier as to what they thought of the price request, while still keeping the brand on-shelf.
The grey market crosses national borders and is particularly vigorous where pricing differences in national markets encourage importers to move low-priced products into high-priced markets - against the wishes and plans of the brand owner.
Finding figures to illustrate just how widespread the practice is remains difficult, however, because of the very nature of the grey market.
All our constituents can rest assured that the Kerr Customer Protection Program will help prevent fraudulent, counterfeit and grey market products from getting into their hands.
The grey market loosely refers to private aircraft owners, who, without an air operator's certificate (AOC), conduct illegal charter flights.
The company asserted in its complaint that the products sold online by Omni were both unlawful grey market goods and of inferior in quality to those sold by Heraeus Kulzer.
According to report by Tech 2, the phone, which is available in the grey market, is unlikely to see an official unveiling n India.
Even as the final outcome of the implementation of GST remains uncertain the telecom industry is going ahead with its demand for a cut in rates as it fears that the Chinese mobiles will flood the country's grey market and hit the bottomlines of telecom handset makers.
Small family-run wholesalers have slammed Unilever's "bullying tactics" after it wrote to them demanding up to 2,000 [pounds sterling] after they bought grey market goods.