grey jay

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Still distracted, Grey Jay takes up the conversation.
He parks himself beside Grey Jay, stretching his too-long legs straight out in front of him.
Grey Jay pulls the bottle out of his pocket and hands it to Craig.
Grey Jay spots Luke Skywalker again who waves and then begins a mocking game of peek-a-boo.
As Grey Jay smiles broadly at his friend he says, "Can't afford to be picky these days.
Grey Jay is perched in the tree as comfortably as his namesake might be, lying on the branch on his back with one leg dangling over the side.
Grey Jay waits for his buddy to look up before he adds, "Because they've buried him.
A quartz vein which appears to be a southern extension of the old Grey Jay - Crow vein system, was intersected at a vertical depth of 16 meters over a true width of about 0.
Hikers on this route might see Columbian ground squirrels, chipmunks, grey jays, and golden eagles.