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Greek mathematician and inventor who devised a way to determine the area of a triangle and who described various mechanical devices (first century)

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Feeding activity of the grey heron Ardea cinerea in tidal and non-tidal environments.
When to see them: At any time of year - our grey herons do not migrate.
And for the first time, the team is planning to broadcast live pictures from the reserve's heronry of nesting grey herons and little egrets.
Grey herons occasionally nested in Conwy's Benarth Wood, where at least 10 pairs are now sitting.
Grey Herons were observed predating on White-throated Rails on 14 June 2007 at 1430 hrs (GMT + 0400) and again on 21 June at 1615 hrs.
See hundreds of rare and endangered ducks, geese and swans, plus a colourful colony of Flamingos and the largest nesting colony of Grey Herons in the North-East.
WILDLIFE: Look out for brook trout, kingfishers, water voles and grey herons along Plants Brook.
At least 25 pairs of the magnificent grey herons have nested in each of the last five years and a closed-circuit television camera controlled from the Waterside Cafe allows you to view individual nests during the breeding season.
MAGNIFICENT Grey Herons have returned to their treetop homes across the UK.
From the heronry boardwalk we heard the early risers, robin, song thrush and blackbird, almost drowning out everything else, except of course the grey herons.
Grey herons will be among the first to build, carrying huge twigs to their colonial nest platforms.
Grey herons are up by a third, too, and they occasionally visit gardens to stalk fish ponds.
Yesterday he told Government inspector Alan Upward that the airport had already had to take action to counter the bird strike threat from grey herons and mallard and had opposed numerous wetland developments planned nearby.
Grey herons are noisy but make loving pairs and often perform pair-bonding routines such as "billing" - gently tapping bills together - and raising up their black head plumes to each other.