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female black grouse

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This in turn can attract the most amazing birds of prey, like ghostly grey hen harriers, gliding short-eared owls, and high speed merlins as well as the majestic grey herons and little egrets.
To coincide with British Pub Week, The Grey Hen in Temple Park Road, South Shields, is backing a netball team.
The Grey Hen Ladies squad plays in the North Durham County League, and the players have been popping into the pub for post-match refreshments for several months.
The Grey Hen, on Temple Park Road, in South Shields, is sponsoring the Grey Hen Ladies' squad.
Team captain Jackie Padley said: "We're thrilled with our new kit and we're really grateful to The Grey Hen for their support.
THE Grey Hen is a good old-fashioned name for a good old-fashioned pub with atmosphere in every corner particularly at the end where the quiz was being held.
As a young boy in the 1960s, Eldon Robson listened to stories from his grandfather about grey hens exploding in the back of Fentiman's horse-drawn wagons when it was hot and the fermented ginger beer couldn't be contained in the jugs any longer.
Renowned as a pungent beverage, the ginger beer was sold in half gallon stone jars called grey hens and each label carried a portrait of Thomas Fentiman's dog Fearless.
So it was that during the dark of the nights, strings of pack ponies would cross the border paths carrying the grey hens, the little casks into which whisky was put for ease of transportation and concealment (they could lie unnoticed in the heather just like the female of the blackcock).
By way of courtship, the black males will fly at each other at combat speed, full of bluster, to compete for the attention of the dowdier grey hens, at sites know as leks.
Visitors can see Bagot goats, Jacob, Hebridean and Castlemilk Moorit sheep, Scots Grey hens and Pilgrim geese, as well as Tamworth and Large Black pigs.
As a result, sales of the Grey Hens - the stone jars in which the ginger beer was sold door-to-door - slumped and the company closed down in the mid 1960s.