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dark grey American fox

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The zones within the Grey Fox property provide Brigus with near term production growth opportunities because of their proximity to the Black Fox mine infrastructure.
We have increased the Indicated gold resource at Grey Fox from 116,710 to 480,850 ounces.
The following table includes highlights from the drill holes reported today from the new Grey Fox South Zone (all uncut, average gold grades over core length widths):
The discovery of high grade gold mineralization in the new Grey Fox South target, from hole GF10-115 which returned 10.
Along with Nails and The Grey Fox, One Magic Christmas has become a classic, and I may well be biased, but I feel these three films represent Philip's best work.
Journalist/film critic, Journal de Montreal Spider 15 Fevrier 1839 The Sweet Hereafter Les Invasions barbares Le Declin de l'empire americain The Grey Fox Les Ordres L'Homme qui plantait des arbres The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz Mon oncle Antoine
The Grey Fox (PG) Biopic about gentleman outlaw Bill Miner who, released into a world in which he's a relic after 30 years in prison, decides that if he can no longer rob stagecoaches he'll hold up trains instead.
The latter might actually be a mainland offshoot of the Island grey fox, once thought to exist only on the Channel Islands visible across the sea.
Brigus" or the "Company") (NYSE Amex: BRD; TSX: BRD) reports that results from its ongoing drilling program at the 147 Zone on its Grey Fox property in the Gold District of Timmins, Ontario, Canada, include high grade intercepts of 14 grams per tonne over 35 metres and 4.
Over the past three years Brigus delivered excellent exploration results at the Black Fox mine and the newly discovered Grey Fox gold deposit.
Shivers and Rabid were profitable, as were Meatballs, The Grey Fox, Atlantic City and Quest for Fire, and movies such as Daryl Duke's The Silent Partner were intelligent takes on genre.
The cowboy culture is still part of the West,'' said Farnsworth, who starred in such classic westerns as ``The Grey Fox.
In 2013, Brigus will fund Black Fox and Grey Fox operations with internally generated cash flows.
They were left to focus on their own staff - 'There's the grey fox himself, Rob Bonnet' - while Brendan Foster gushed on endlessly about the 'celebrity starter', Kelly Holmes.
The Grey Fox imagines a mythic past for the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia out of a brief moment in actual history.