grey birch

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medium-sized birch of eastern North America having white or pale grey bark and valueless wood

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Black Cherry Ginkgo Paper Birch Redbud Dogwood Sweet Gum Grey Birch Sugar Maple
Add These: Black cherry White oak Chestnut oak London plane Grey birch Paper birch Red horse chestnut Yellow wood White ash Box elder Stag horn sumac Serbian spruce Slippery elm Hawthorn Japanese maple Hickory Honey locust Hackberry
ages six and under) Crab Apple Black Cherry Red Oak Ginkgo White Oak Paper Birch Catalpa Redbud Weeping Willow Dogwood Hawthorn Sweet Gum Stag Horn Sumac Grey Birch Red Horse Chestnut Sugar Maple Green Ash (ages seven to twelve add these) Hemlock Box Elder Cottonwood Red Mulberry Chestnut Oak Serbian Spruce Purple Ash Slippery Elm Persimmon Juniper Silver Maple Japanese Maple Hickory Yellowwood Pecan Red Maple Hackberry Honeylocust
black cherry purple ash crab apple box elder red oak juniper white oak Serbian spruce grey birch hemlock paper birch slippery elm red horse chest nut red mulberry catalpa red maple weeping willow silver maple stag horn sumac Japanese maple ginkgo hickory hawthorn honeylocust sugar maple hackberry redbud persimmon dogwood pecan sweet gum cottonwood chestnut oak green ash yellowwood
Various names for the yellow birch trees include hard birch, betula wood, Canadian yellow birch, Quebec birch, grey birch and silver birch.
Under seven black cherry crab apple red oak white oak grey birch paper birch red horse chestnut green ash catalpa weeping willow stag horn sumac ginkgo hawthorn sugar maple redbud dogwood sweet gum Over seven All of the under sevens, plus these: chestnut oak yellowwood purple ash box elder juniper Serbian spruce hemlock slippery elm red maple silver maple Japanese cottonwood hickory honeylocust hackberry persimmon pecan red mulberry