grey area

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an intermediate area


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The post Court ruling leaves grey area for pharmacy hours appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Grey Area is run by the Duazo sisters, Ally, Jannelle, and Averyl, the same team behind local shoe brand Gold Dot.
This is a grey area largely avoided by clients and designers.
Some church leaders and legal experts have also expressed concern that while the Supreme Court ruled that forcing religious authorities to perform same-sex marriages would be contrary to the right to religious freedom, there was a grey area between protection of religion and protection against discrimination.
That leaves a rather large grey area in the middle--for those earning
The company also performed selections from van Manen's Bach Pieces, one of the few classical dances on the festival program, and David Dawson's The Grey Area, a surreal dance of men and women caught between night and day, life and death.
Most other situations, even though many employers like Sonny assume otherwise, fall into the grey area where Mario's situation resides.
A new concept in high-speed imaging from DRS Hadland covers the grey area between conventional high-speed video cameras and the ultra high-speed systems.
But in between these extremes are a grey area of children's literature that is "spiritual indoctrination (into evil and falsehood) wrapped in pleasing adventure packages.
HELSINKI -- Grey Area, the mobile game developer changing the way people interact with their friends and surroundings, is proud to announce the Shadow Cities App for iPhone and iPod touch is now available on the App Store.
In a grey area that lacks scientific proof, we cannot be too careful".