grevy's zebra

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zebra with less continuous stripes


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Director of the Detroit Zoological Institute, Ron Kagan states, "This animal birth is especially exciting due to the endangered status of the Grevy's zebra.
The top 10 species, from top left, Amur leopard, pied tamarin, Livingstone's fruit bat, Sumatran tiger, scimitar-horned oryx, Western lowland gorilla, blue-eyed black lemur, San Martin titi monkey, Grevy's zebra and white-naped mangabey.
uk) We have got five family tickets to give away: just tell us how many Grevy's zebras are thought to be left in the wild.
The Grevy's zebra is listed as endangered in the wild.
In the case of the recent interview survey, the software enabled us to determine peoples' attitudes towards the Grevy's zebra.
The Grevy's zebra has 80 narrow stripes, the Plains or Common (Burchell's) zebra has 26 wide stripes, and the Mountain (Hartmann's) zebra has 55 stripes.
Like his namesake, Alan is a very important addition to the team, at the zoo because the Grevy's Zebra is an endangered species .
Working in partnership with several Kenyan non-profits and AZA-accredited zoo partners, including Denver Zoo, John Ball Zoo, Sedgwick County Zoo, San Diego Zoo, the Grevy's Zebra Trust, Northern Rangelands Trust, and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy among others, the zoo's Horn of Africa Conservation Project supports community awareness and wilderness preservation in the endangered zebra's home range.
Grevy's zebra foal born at the Cincinnati Zoo, Cincinnati, OH.
Kenya also is home to the Plain's zebra, which are common through sub-Saharan Africa, and smaller than the Grevy's zebra.
Lewa is not only famous for its vital conservation work with the endangered black and white rhinos, but also Grevy's zebra.
The pair are from the endangered Grevy's Zebra species, which originate in Kenya and Ethiopia, and are being held at the park on behalf of the European Stud Book.
I AM writing to you to highlight the plight of the endangered Grevy's zebra and to inspire your readers to help protect this species.
They are the Grevy's zebra species, which originate in Kenya and Ethiopia, and are being held by West Midland Safari Park on behalf of the European Stud Book.
Kali is the name picked for the adorable Grevy's zebra born on July 2nd, 2008.