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any shrub or tree of the genus Grevillea

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Noisy Miners are known to spend 25% of their time foraging on grevilleas when these plants are present (http:// www.
The second-most widespread holly grevillea species, occurring in western Victoria and south-eastern South Australia, it is the most morphologically variable, and has often been confused with other holly grevilleas, including G.
Grevilleas do not bowl you over with a massive color display, although the pink, scarlet or purple blooms of the various species do a nice job of satisfying your color appetite when few other perennials are in bloom.
warning when it comes to caring for grevilleas in the garden.
Grevilleas that bloom winter through early spring, like 'Red Hooks' or lavender grevillea (Grevillea lavandulacea), are also good choices.
Timber, especially hardwood, is always in short supply, so around his farm's boundary he has planted grevilleas and eucalyptus trees.
Grevilleas subsist on a scant amount of water and should not be fertilized with phosphorus, which is toxic for them.
A garden of grevilleas and salvias will have hummingbird wars all year," he says.
Now you see new plants like ornamental grasses, Mexican bush sage (Salvia leucantha), and grevilleas, even in new housing developments.
Proteas should be in wonderful bloom, as will other drought-tolerant plants such as the grevilleas and banksias.
While most of the gardens have at least some irrigated sections, you can find water-sensible plants such as ceanothus-- which bears sky blue flowers in front of the newly refurbished Mission San Jose-- or bottlebrush and grevilleas (both Australian natives) at Mission Santa Ines.
Hummingbirds favor acacias, aloes, bottlebrush, grevilleas, melaleucas, and flowring quince.