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trademark for a powerful operating system

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SMS marketing has still proven to be an effective tool to keep customers engaged with products and services and our system is designed for this purpose, to run automatically in the background while businesses can focus on other things like giving excellent customer service," explained Robin Luo, General Manager of Grep Tech Pte Ltd.
Grep uses complex input pattern matching expressions, so it is a CPU-bound job.
As a result, the company developed its unique grep technology which performs real-time distributed search across the entire data center network to isolate suspected traffic profiles according to any combination of header fields and payload content.
For example, the command grep "ACK" ftpSummaryLarge.
grep (spelled in lower-case letters by purists) is a tool that emerged from the UNIX world during the 1970's.
GREP Bay Area Holdings, LLC, Green Ridge Power LLC, Altamont Power LLC, enXco, Inc.
The graduate PPM Certificate at UCSC Extension in Silicon Valley is a Bay Area exclusive offering, and is the region's only PMI GREP that offers an entire certificate curriculum via classroom, onsite, and online.
Tenders are invited for supply, installation, testing & commissioning hot dip galvanized pole for lpg & grep street light on buyback basis in gail vaghodia.
POSIX and QNX utilities -- cp, grep, ls, mkdir, sed, touch, etc.
5 includes the same programs and development tools that Cygwin includes such as; make, yacc, lex, nm, strip, gcc, g++, g77, gdb, perl, awk, grep, sed, tar, apache, etc.
We are delighted to receive PMI's GREP endorsement," said James Desrosier, Director of Business and Management at UCSC Extension.
commands: KornShell, grep, dd, tar, find, vi and many more time saving