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a small explosive bomb thrown by hand or fired from a missile

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This is not the first time a hand grenade has been used in a criminal attack this year.
Enter the hand grenade, that old soldier's weapon of choice for defending or attacking fortifications.
The post Grenade found appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
On June 12, the grenade was found by my 3-year-old brother, and he started playing with it.
Detective Chief Inspector Clare Devlin, from Greater Manchester Police's Salford division, said: "While we are only in the early stages of our investigation, we believe this was a targeted attack and can confirm that a hand grenade was used.
District Officer Civil Defence Rana Abdul Waheed and BDS commander Iqbal told that a hand grenade had been recovered from the house of a boy but no detonator was found.
There's the void grenade that sticks to any surface, and another a bolas-type grenade that slows enemy movements and prohibits them from jumping.
The dummy grenade was found on the upper deck of the aircraft's business class section.
BIRMINGHAM industrialist William Mills was the inventor of the refined grenade which was known as the Mills Bomb and transformed trench warfare in the First World War.
Ramadi / NINA / A civilian was killed on Monday 9, Sept due to an explosion of a grenade downtown Ramadi.
Police said that while the unexploded grenade in the Chouldhuwa area was recovered and kept in safe custody, the grenades at Jail Road and Court Road exploded, and caused injuries to at least five people.
Summary: A hand grenade exploded near a public kindergarten in Akkar Wednesday, with no reported casualties or material damage.
ROADS were sealed off affter a hand grenade was found in the boot of a car.
Alan, 36, said: "Yes, they're obviously supposed to be a grenade, but I really can't see how it can be mistaken for a weapon.
The discharger, clamped onto the muzzle of an SMLE, was designed to fire a Mills-pattern hand grenade using a special .
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