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(folklore) fairies that are somewhat mischievous

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NEIGH REALZ Locals couldn't believe it when Gremlin the Clydesdale turned up in Jackie's garden
The squatters - who call themselves Gremlins - had been told they must leave the property after losing a court battle.
Every military aviator is assigned a Gremlin by the Gremlin Training School, with many Gremlins -emaining assigned to aviators for the duration of the latter's career.
MusicGremlin pioneered the Wi-Fi connected music service/player with its introduction of the Gremlin and the MusicGremlin service this past summer.
I struggled with reading and writing until I entered the Army, and it was only once I had the support of excellent adult learner tutors that I was able to take on my gremlins, win the battle and develop new skills.
Perhaps one of the most famous incidents in North East football hooliganism history is the bloody brawl between the Newcastle Gremlins and the Seaburn Casuals at North Shields Ferry Landing in March 2000.
At one point, Walt Disney learned of Dahl's gremlin story and became interested both for a book and possible film.
He was having fun all the time while skating, watching people skate, making fun of Schaeffer, trying to steal my beers, cracking jokes, and just being the gremlin that he is.
announced today nationwide availability of its Gremlin wireless digital audio player through Amazon.
Frodo uses his fists to get what he wants, but Freud is more popular and he has the girl - a svelte female chimp called Gremlin.
Shares in UK games software company Gremlin Group Plc leapt 34% to 99.
the only Wi-Fi "Power-Play" that can replace Ethernet workgroup switches with Wi-Fi as the primary network connection, announced today the deployment of their Wi-Fi Arrays at the Water Gremlin Company's corporate headquarters consisting of offices, manufacturing, and distribution warehousing.
Gremlin proved to be yet another shrewd claim by trainer Dai Burchell after following up his recent course and distance success when coming away from Star Choice to take the 2m handicap.
REMEMBER the ``Twilight Zone'' episode where William Shatner played a jittery air traveler who, during a raging thunderstorm, looks out his window and sees a gremlin hacking away at the plane's machinery?
One of the two Adult Basic Skills commercials showed a gremlin taunting a woman over her lack of qualifications.