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(folklore) fairies that are somewhat mischievous

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Cute little Gizmo and the horde of gremlins that come out of his back may be heading back to theaters in a third 'Gremlins' movie.
Like feeding a GD gremlin after midnight," (https://twitter.
Since a trainer came to help with positive training, Gremlin still bites me but has stopped biting my husband.
Gremlin became a star attraction in Kilbirnie, Ayrshire, when it arrived at the end-terraced house on a run-down council estate.
The gremlin told how the squatters had used a so-called phone-tree - which involves a text message being sent out to all the city's squatters - to call for support.
He has been part of the Endaf Gremlin project from the start and says it was something he couldn't turn down.
During World War II, Allied aviators reached an accord with the Gremlin community where Gremlins would act as tailgunners, looking out for the best interests of aviators in exchange for environmentally friendly policies on Air Force bases.
But for me, all roads lead to battle, and when it comes to fighting, the Devil & the Gremlin are the king and queen of combat.
Not $750 billion as the Miss Communication typo gremlin would have you think.
Infogrames Entertainment Group, the acquisitive French computer and video games publisher, is buying UK games company Gremlin Group Plc for $40m.
A little green-horned gremlin, throwing up blood, worms out from the figure's neck below the right ear; floating against the background, another leans over, holding in its hand a severed head whose hair streams down with waterfall force, vomit spewing from its mouth down the shoulder and side of the figure's torso, bound in orange coils.
One Gremlin describes the event: "It was finally agreed that we would Mark Mennim, former football hooligan and member of the Gremlins gang meet at the ferry landing in North Shields.
PUBLIC Enemy rapper Flavor Flav dresses up as a gremlin for the taping of MTV TRL in Times Square, New York.
Publisher Dark Horse is also putting out a line of figurines - little gremlin figures - to help promote it.
San Fernando defeated Pasadena 14-6 for the Gremlin championship.