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a granitic rock composed of quartz and mica

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1992; Greisen, Munck, & Lou, 1987; Okumura et al.
Rhein's back-up quarter-back Chris Greisen then fumbled in his own endzone when the ball slipped out of his hand in the torrential rain, and a defensive tackle by DeVonte Peterson made him pay as he flopped on the ball to score a touchdown.
Rhein's back-up quarterback Chris Greisen fumbled in his own endzone in the torrential rain and tackle DeVonte Peterson flopped on the ball for a touchdown.
But the Germans responded quickly with receiver Charlie Adams hauling in an 11- yard pass from quarterback Chris Greisen in the endzone and Anderbrugge's point after kick took it to 14-3.
New York Giants: QUESTIONABLE: C Chris Bober (biceps); WR Ron Dixon (knee); LB Nick Greisen (foot); DT Cornelius Griffin (ankle); LB Quincy Monk (ankle).
Then a company is stuck justifying it," said Lane, who is with the Denver firm of Miller, Lane, Killmer & Greisen.
Authors: Simon Heinzle, Disney Research Zurich; Pierre Greisen, Disney Research Zurich and ETH Zurich; David Gallup, University of North Carolina; Christine Chen, ETH Zurich; Daniel Saner, ETH Zurich; Aljoscha Smolic, Disney Research Zurich; Andreas Peter Burg, ETH Zurich; Wojciech Matusik, Disney Research Zurich; Markus Gross, ETH Zurich and Disney Research Zurich
To John Letourneau, CPA, managing director and shareholder of Thomas, Head & Greisen PC, businesses should start preparing for year end before the year begins.
Wallrock alteration is mainly as greisen and cloudy silica.
Former Avenger Chris Jackson became the fourth player in league history to have 800 career receptions with a 8-yard touchdown catch in the first quarter on a pass from Chris Greisen for Georgia (9-2).
LE B McCray 93, DT J Henderson 98, M Stroud 99, RE P Spicer 95, LB D Smith 52, C Ingram 51, N Greisen 55, CB R Mathis 27, B Williams 29, SS G Sensabaugh 43, FS D Grant 37.
Samples R013-15 are greisen rocks that were collected from the unit near the Tobeatic Shear Zone and East Kemptville tin deposit.
1988; Greisen & Borch, 2001; Greisen & Trojaborg, 1987 [as cited in Volpe, 2001]).
NEW YORK GIANTS (4-4) AT MINNESOTA VIKINGS (2-6) - New York Giants: DOUBTFUL: LB Nick Greisen (foot); C Dusty Zeigler (knee).