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the quality of being gregarious--having a dislike of being alone

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Nonetheless, we conclude that resources are not the primary cause of gregariousness in mule deer; rather, resources allow sociality to occur.
The contemplative monk could not follow the fraudulent path of gregariousness.
The sample size of 131 respondents rating not only the 26-item Revised Paranormal Belief Scale (Tobacyk, 1988), but also the Tellegen Absorption Scale (Tellegen, 1992; Tellegen & Atkinson, 1974), the Australian Sheep-Goat Scale (Thalbourne & Delin, 1993), the Internal-External Locus of Control Scale (Rotter, 1966), the Eysenck Personality Inventory (Eysenck & Eysenck, 1964), the Magical Ideation Scale (Eckblad & Chapman, 1983), and the Gregariousness Index could pose problems.
Taken from her pig mother to become a house pet, Sylvia learns gregariousness from her "dogbrothers," contemplation from the solitary cat, mortality from the seasons.
Intermediate periods of solitude can fuel bouts of gregariousness and sociality just as an astringent serves to clean the palate between sumptuous courses.
We see the linguistic genius, his mood swings between gregariousness and isolation, and his struggle to find his role in the adult world.
The effects of alcohol on human behavior - violence, boorishness, gregariousness - also have been shown to vary dramatically across cultures.
Smith's NEO Personality Inventory - Revised Factor Facet T-Score Neuroticism 79 Anxiety 66 Angry Hostility 67 Depression 80 Self-consciousness 72 Impulsiveness 62 Vulnerability 70 Extraversion 46 Warmth 54 Gregariousness 48 Assertiveness 31 Activity 32 Excitement-Seeking 58 Positive Emotions 59 Openness 44 Fantasy 62 Aesthetics 35 Feelings 58 Actions 38 Ideas 35 Values 54 Agreeableness 42 Trust 47 Straightforwardness 32 Altruism 53 Compliance 43 Modesty 52 Tender-Mindedness 50 Conscientiousness 38 Competence 43 Order 53 Dutifulness 48 Achievement Striving 22 Self-Discipline 28 Deliberation 57
S) carries the implication, namely, that B objects to dogs' dirtiness, however friendly they might be, and ceteris paribus prefers the neat self-sufficiency of cats to the sloppy gregariousness of dogs.
Indeed, these individuals' famous gregariousness can be so pronounced as to occasionally place them in harm's way.
Bright coloration and gregariousness are generally linked traits in insects (Guilford 1990; Ruxton & Sherratt 2006), and A.
The relationship between leadership and gregariousness in mixed-species bird flocks.
The two young women, however, delivered what many attendees said was a wonderful rendition of the national anthem, a reflection certainly of their individual spunk, talent and gregariousness, but also surely a byproduct of the nurturing provided by their public school education.
Tiny in stature, she's large on spirit, and her gregariousness created a glow of something a little bit special, and she was so warm it was easy to feel like we'd been friends for years.
Must you have an "extroverted personality" with tendencies for "excitement seeking, gregariousness and positive emotions" to become a successful urologist?