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Synonyms for gregarious

Synonyms for gregarious

disposed to be open, sociable, and talkative

of, characterized by, or inclined to living together in communities


Antonyms for gregarious

(of animals) tending to form a group with others of the same species

instinctively or temperamentally seeking and enjoying the company of others

Related Words

(of plants) growing in groups that are close together

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In Europe, gregarious behaviour in dinosaurs has been inferred on the basis of ichnological evidence for different dinosaur groups; these include theropods, ornithopods and sauropods (e.
Mared's family said she was "a lively and gregarious character".
He is gregarious, loves to entertain and involves his audience as he sings while painting his creation.
A cast of gregarious golden oldies: Rosie (red top), Royston (black hat) Sonia (white jacket), Seb (bald), Rosemary (arms folded) and Iris (front)
Oftentimes the switch from a solitary lifestyle to a gregarious one is accompanied by a color change, usually from green or brown to a bright yellow.
And it's because these outwardly gregarious, affable and humorous individuals have decided to keep their battles against depression a secret no longer.
A personality profile marked by overly gregarious yet anxious behavior is rooted in abnormal development of a circuit hub buried deep in the front center of the brain, say scientists at the National Institutes of Health.
They found that this protein, which is typically associated with learning in other animals, has been co-opted to control the transition from solitary to gregarious behaviour in locusts.
99 Nice guy Tim Lippe (Ed Helms) works for an insurance firm, which has won the coveted Two Diamonds award twice in a row thanks to gregarious agent Roger Lemke (Thomas Lennon).
After successfully eradicating the rat problem a decade ago, warden Greg Morgan has embarked on a low-tech method to tempt the gregarious birds in to nest.
The down market hasn't been kind to the gregarious, South African-born developer, known for hunting big game and taking on big, controversial projects.
Being a friendly, gregarious fella, he tried to make friends there.
My own mother had five grown children and I realized we were "one of those families" to the nurses when my mother lay dying, as we are a loud, gregarious bunch.
For students, low cost of living, ease of finding accommodation, proximity to the sea and dramatic countryside, famed nightlife and gregarious Geordie hospitality mix to create a pretty punchy cocktail.
They were also entrepreneurial, philanthropic and gregarious.