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Synonyms for gregarious

Synonyms for gregarious

disposed to be open, sociable, and talkative

of, characterized by, or inclined to living together in communities


Antonyms for gregarious

(of animals) tending to form a group with others of the same species

instinctively or temperamentally seeking and enjoying the company of others

Related Words

(of plants) growing in groups that are close together

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In the case of two or more trackways, the orientation patterns with parallel trackways belonging to the same ichnotaxon, with a similar mode of preservation (in order to reduce or exclude time-averaging), displaying a close and regular intertrackway spacing and a similar locomotion speed are considered to be evidence of gregarious behaviour.
The 'learning' protein acts as a molecular switch in a social feedback loop, because gregarious behaviour ensures that crowding is maintained.
However, they are gregarious birds and despite seeing small numbers around the island during the season, they are reluctant to make that all important first flight up on to land.
Will the nurse caring for me be a stickler for protocol, or will she accommodate me and my gregarious family?
The glossy ibis, shown here in flight, is a gregarious nester that breeds along the Atlantic seashore as far north as Maine.
A gregarious swordmage and a mysterious wizard accompany him in his quest to break the chains of his past.
But while the gregarious Banks had plenty to savour, his command performance was one of the few highlights of an otherwise scrappy game.
Myrtaceae) to solitary (S) and gregarious (C) females and males between February and May 2004.
And Rosen contrasts the warm and gregarious John Harlan, whose opinions later blazed a path for the civil rights movement, against fellow Civil War veteran Oliver Wendell Holmes.
Determined to make it to San Jose on time to start the job, Duff arranges to deliver a vintage Chevy as a means of obtaining transportation, and he picks up a traveling companion, gregarious but untrustworthy Stu.
Together, this evidence of gregarious behaviors suggests that ceratopsians developed complex social behaviors long before they possessed extreme cranial ornamentations, says Barrett.
The farmers market crash transformed Weller -- who now uses a wheelchair to get around and during the five-week trial attended only part of the opening statements -- from being ``very, very gregarious to someone who became a total recluse,'' Overland said.
Gregarious birds, they feed in flocks on grasslands in the summer and probe the ground for worms and leatherjackets in the winter.
NiV could be transmitted from bats to cats through urine and then among cats oronasally, given their gregarious nature, which frequently includes mutual grooming.
Readers will be fascinated with the unbelievable but factual stories and intricacies of Pat Crowe's gregarious life.