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a card sent to express personal greetings

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The Greeting Card Association (GCA) recognizes Prang as the father of the American Christmas card with its annual LOUIE Awards, the definitive competition of the greeting card and social expression industry.
Our studies show that humor is consistently mentioned by consumers as one of the most important things they look for in a greeting card purchase," says Marc Trobman, vice president of business development at Avanti, a company known for its collection of greeting cards that artfully use character-based humor that ranges from slapstick to cutting edge.
The value of a greeting card selection at $1 or less creates traffic," Gimbelman says.
The stationery store had one piece of Eid greeting card just in case someone went asking for it.
com)-- Netscribes a knowledge consulting solutions company, announces the launch of its Greeting Cards Market in India 2012 report.
Greeting cards first burst upon the scene in the 1840s.
Our consumers have been from all walks of life, from young couples showing off their new homes, to families depicting their lives through the photo greeting card," say Wagner and Casagrand.
First introduced as simple illustrated postcards around the turn of the 20th century, greeting cards today have become lavish affairs bearing pop-up art, miniature gifts and ornate matching envelopes.
html), an online magazine for fiction writers, offers useful advice from an experienced freelance greeting card writer.
Greeting Card Factory includes 5,000 exclusive greeting cards, 25,000 graphics and over 3,400 sentiments, while Greeting Card Factory Deluxe features over 7,500 exclusive greeting cards, 50,000 graphics and 4,700 sentiments.
Of the 17 black-owned greeting card companies listed in that story, about one-third can't be traced today.
Humor accounts for 30% of greeting card sales, and birthdays remain the perennial most popular card-sending occasion, according to the statement.
There is a potential $1 billion sales opportunity in the greeting card aisles of mass-market chains this spring.