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a card sent to express personal greetings

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Observers say the value of the greeting card aisle is clear when looking at mass retailers and the space that the players in that channel dedicate to the category.
In the future, no one will ever send just a photo greeting card again," says Popcards inventor Kurt Johnson.
Of the 17 black-owned greeting card companies listed in that story, about one-third can't be traced today.
A Psychographic Profile of Greeting Card Customer Groups II-2
The start of a new year means upcoming holidays, such as Easter, Mother's Day and the Fourth of July, not to mention anniversaries, birthdays and weddings, All of these are huge occasions in the greeting card industry.
Greeting Card Factory includes 5,000 exclusive greeting cards, 25,000 graphics and over 3,400 sentiments, while Greeting Card Factory Deluxe features over 7,500 exclusive greeting cards, 50,000 graphics and 4,700 sentiments.
Caroline Kennedy, executive editor of the trade publication Gifts & Decorative Accessories, talked about greeting cards at the recent Los Angeles Gift Show.
The report concludes with a section on strategic recommendations which comprises an analysis of the growth strategies for the greeting cards market in India.
For them, the restlessness while waiting for a greeting card and excitement as well as joy after receiving it is much more than in receiving electronic messages and mails.
based Greeting Card Association (GCA) seven out of card buyers consider greeting cards "absolutely" or "almost" essential to them.
Further enhancing the personalized experience, consumers can also submit an online request for a new card design created by Greeting Card Universes' community of over 4,000 artists.
As an industry leader in greeting card inventions, American Greetings has introduced more than 100 new greeting card formats under the Inventions(TM) brand, offering the ultimate selection of exciting, new-to-the-world ways to celebrate birthdays and other happy occasions.
Despite the decline in paper greeting card sales over the past decade, manufacturers remain positive on the category's potential--even in the struggling grocery channel.
VAN NUYS - The greeting card industry, from giants like Hallmark and American Greetings to local manufacturers, has stepped up production of patriotic and conventional holiday season cards, reasoning that people want to connect more in stressful times.