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a person who greets

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Since its inception, the Pease Greeters have welcomed more than 150,000 troops and shipped more than 40,000 pounds of toiletries, food and personal items to U.
The greeters, who are a familiar sight in the busy outpatients department at South Tyneside District Hospital, can now cut a dash in smart, padded Barbour jackets and gilets, thanks to the donation from the Barbour Foundation.
Principal Bill Beando said that the greeter position was previously a paid position, but was eliminated in the wake of a difficult budget season, and that he was hoping to find a cadre of volunteers to take over the responsibility.
Meeter and greeter Peter Emerson said following the St Helens game last week: "Rugby League supporters are tremendous, especially the away fans, you can have a good laugh with them, shake hands and part smiling.
DFW INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Texas, June 22, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- DFW International Airport today honored the community of volunteer greeters involved in its renowned "Welcome Home A Hero" program for completing seven years of service to incoming soldiers, and sounded a call for more North Texans to welcome home the troops.
When troops depart the United States for service, the Pease Greeters are always there to see them off, and prior to boarding a chaplain offers a prayer for the soldiers' safety and speedy return to their homes and families.
The Calais Greeters project is new, inspired by an initiative launched in New York in the early 1990s.
Barbara Brearley, 71, of Salendine Road, works in the main reception as a greeter.
Smiling greeters are no solution to this problem, but school administrators who don't seem immediately hostile to parents' concerns are a good, if small, first step.
By paying Wal-Mart greeters a living wage--if you can call it living in a city of dead pleasures?
A new study in the journal Pediatrics has found that posting greeters at the grocery-store entrances to remind parents to use child-safety restraints for kids 5 years old and younger--along with giving parents cash-incentive coupons--resulted in a threefold increase in restraint use.
Wal-Mart blames, first, the failure of its attempted expansion into Germany, where apparently folks didn't cotton to smiley faces and people greeters, and, second, high gas prices in the U.
Now all they need to do is dress the greeters in cowboy outfits.
Buster" was the doorman and store mascot before other retailers had greeters at their front doors.