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Synonyms for greeter

a person who greets

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over the card issuer's policies regarding debit card transactions, and announced that it is bringing back greeters to all its stores.
Greeters sit at a desk by the main door, welcome visitors, sign them in and direct them on their way.
Being involved with the meeters and greeters initiative has been brilliant so far and has boosted my confidence massively.
They act as meeters and greeters in the hospital reception, help with administrative tasks, assist in running the refreshments bar and help out at patient meal times.
Brett, aged 35, of Wolverhampton Road, Oldbury, has been the Cape Hill store's greeter since it opened 18 months ago.
Claim all medical deductions: Mileage for medical purposes is deductible, similar to charitable miles, but at 18[cents] per mile or, if greeter, out-of-packet cost.
he volunteered me to be the greeter at his gay center's Thanksgiving open house for gay street kids.
In the other two conditions (B & C), either RW or MS acted as greeter and the other acted as sender.
This predator could have gotten a job as a Sell-Mart greeter, or a janitor, or whatever, instead of robbing banks, taking hostages, shooting cops or blowing up buildings.
We'd rather they meet our greeter standing out front.
I found myself in the position of `Official Greeter,'" said Pelletier, who officially served as the Deputy Commander of the Canadian operation.
We know that we can watch a World Series, a Final Four, or a Super Bowl without jumping up, yelling, booing, or otherwise losing our mind, but we cannot watch a Special Olympics runner cross a finish line and be hugged by a special greeter, without discovering a lump in our throat.
Anne-Louise Cunneen of Rosyth is the youngest greeter in Scotland.
Mortgage Greeter is a customizable, automated 24-hour call management system that "front-ends" all incoming calls to a mortgage branch and presents each caller with a touch-tone menu of choices.