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Synonyms for greeter

a person who greets

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They are popularly known as "store greeters," although the official job title is "people greeters.
Up at the Dyce Asda store in Aberdeen, 19-year-old Neil Fuller is the company's youngest golden greeter.
You can say hello to a greeter without stopping to tell your life story.
The complete greeter letter can be read online at http://www.
However, a little bird informs me that Peter the Greeter, who works at "Sefton Park" Asda (you know, the one on Smithdown Road, several miles from Sefton Park) is a loyal reader who would be made up to see his name in print.
Haddix, who is a greeter at the PX entrance, explained in an interview reported in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: "They come in and tell me they're going [to Iraq].
With her strong faith and optimistic attitude; she visited other residents, delivered their mail, ran interdepartmental errands for staff, and served as the resident greeter for new admission.
The greeter that day didn't mean to be unwelcoming to singles, and neither do most churches.
NEW YORK -- Tensator, (Booth #3317) the world leader in queue management solutions, today announced that NRF has selected the Tensator Virtual Assistant to be the official greeter at 'Retail's BIG Show,' being held January 15-17, 2012 at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan, New York.
Springfield and Eugene chambers of commerce - Greeters from both chambers hold bi-annual joint Greeter breakfast.
2 -- 3 -- color) Artist Donna Weil's ``The Greeter,'' above, is among the works on display through Oct.
Forms can be collected from our greeter at the customer service desk and, when completed, returned to the customer service desk at Asda Walton, Utting Avenue, Liverpool 4.
Funds raised by the 2004 Naughty but Nice greeter program were nearly $150,000.
L to R): Celebrity Auctioneer Juliet Papa, 1010WINS Radio; Big Apple Greeter Board Chair Christopher P.