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Synonyms for greet






Synonyms for greet

to address in a friendly and respectful way

to approach for the purpose of speech

to present with a specified reaction

Synonyms for greet

send greetings to

react to in a certain way

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The Jurys Inn formula will ensure we are able to greet international guests respectfully.
This is the most common use of as'salamu alaikum and when someone greets you, then you should greet him or her back with more by saying as'salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah he wa barakatuhu -- meaning 'peace be upon you and peace and blessings of Allah be upon you'.
I would love to read more stories of Greet in the Sunday Mercury's Back In Time section.
All of us know someone who thinks a 'wet fish' handshake or a rib- crushing bear hug is the perfect way to greet someone.
Stop what you are doing, stand up and come forward to meet and greet the individual.
LONDON -- i love meet and greet parking, the newest and most experienced operator in the UK, has launched their website ilovemeetandgreet.
However, most tourists ambling along the boulevard said they appreciated having someone to greet them and offer them a map of the district.
Stella replied, sliding out of the booth and walking to the door to greet the first of thousands of customers who would walk through that door and think they were back at grandma's house.
A YOB busting dispersal order has been secured for Greets Green after residents complained they were under seige.
GREETINGS -- An Arab will shake hands gently and may pull those he greets toward him and kiss them on either cheek in greeting.
Shah Rukh Khan greets fans outside is home in Mumbai