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And then in his turn he winded the call till all the greenwood rang.
Then, before the others could gather their wits about them, Robin Hood was gone into the depths of the greenwood.
And so he came to dwell in the greenwood that was to be his home for many a year to come, never again to see the happy days with the lads and lasses of sweet Locksley Town; for he was outlawed, not only because he had killed a man, but also because he had poached upon the King's deer, and two hundred pounds were set upon his head, as a reward for whoever would bring him to the court of the King.
Midlands-based construction consultancy Greenwoods provides services to the property and construction industry and has gained a reputation for no nonsense advice with a flexible approach to project delivery across the UK.
25th anniversary celebration Well over 100 clients and industry colleagues joined Greenwoods earlier this year to celebrate our 25th anniversary, with a well-attended evening at Chandlers Grand Brasserie in Lichfield.
That same year, the Greenwoods became a missionary couple in Fort MacPherson, N.
Greenwood, who "always found ways to help build bridges between the work and mission of the church and the needs of the community," died March 13 in her 99th year.
Staff at Greenwoods, the gentlemen's outfitter at Middleton Grange Shopping Centre in Hartlepool, are celebrating after being named as one of the best.
The branch has been named a Grade 1 store and has risen from 50th to 11th in the ranking of the best performing and most profitable Greenwoods stores nationwide.
Both successful public health professionals, the Greenwoods bring the same dedication and caring to their avocado grove as they to their professions, thus ensuring the purity and quality of Greenwood Groves avocados.
After the verdict, police disclosed evidence not put before the jury which revealed that weapons supplied by the Greenwoods have been recovered at the scenes of eight murders, countless gangland shootings and in a loyalist arms cache.
This press release is transmitted on behalf of Greenwoods Communications.
Midlands telecoms company Greenwoods Communications has established a new headquarters in Coleshill.
Independent telecoms services company Greenwoods Communications has opened a major new purpose-built headquarters facility in Birmingham.
Estabished in 1986 as Hearne & Greenwood and re-named Greenwood Projects Ltd in 2004, our celebration was to thank industry clients and colleagues for their support over the past 25 years.