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surface layer of ground containing a mat of grass and grass roots


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As the form twists upward, it creates both interior spaces and exterior greenswards, alternately becoming of, in, and outside the natural landscape in a way that rebuts any contention that the rebuilders of a city must choose sides in a struggle between humans and their environment.
31) The allure of the pastoral also lives on--if on a more modest scale--in the thousands of verdant residential lawns that have replaced the extravagant greenswards of Menlo Park's great estates.
And while England is flat as a pancake and predisposed to the construction of cricket pitches, Wales is not exactly over-endowed with suitable greenswards upon which to play their hallowed game.
All members can enjoy croquet and lawn bowling on regulation greenswards.
As you stroll the estate's gardens, great greenswards sloping toward the Pacific, or turn to see walls of eucalyptus framing the mountains, you begin to realize that Peggy Dent is right.
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