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surface layer of ground containing a mat of grass and grass roots


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Tenn and her friend Una from the Greensward hit the road in the company of two mysterious boys from a faraway country, and together, they flee the ever-rising and menacing tides that swallow up Tenn's home, school, and community.
Increasingly philosophical questions are being raised concerning the concept that every home must be surrounded by greensward.
82, "or, An unexpected leave-taking, declared at Ulla Winblad's breakfast on the greensward, a summer's morning".
Greensward, which announces a new country for inspection on its first page: "The following takes place in 18th century England; the scene is the garden of a manor house.
not care what my father did this greensward is his joy his job my job
Figure 1 shows how diverse textures in the greensward and various blue shades in the sky have confused the segmentation algorithm.
In The Greensward of my novel, I have reproduced a similar insular world disrupted by a conflict between two countries.
AoBerkeley Square Gardens, another fine Mayfair greensward now decorated with a gazebo, formerly displayed an equestrian statue, cast in lead, of occasionally irrational King George III, who led England through the war with its American colonies.
1894), depicting fashionable figures relaxing on a placid greensward along a beach in Southampton, Long Island, and in "Ring Toss" (1896), which showed three of his daughters at play in his nearby summer studio.
Getting the park built involved a 10-year battle for preservation, to overturn existing planning codes, and to design a space that would retain its identity when transformed from a disused rail line to attractive greensward.
Tony Hamilton had the market leader at the back and had a rough run through before beating Greensward (4-1) by two and a quarter lengths, Fahey's double was completed when Changing The Guard (12-1) won the Daniel Prenn Stakes at York in a driving finish with Union Island (25-1).
RICHARD WALKER TRACES the story of how the Bay Area came to possess a significant greenbelt of undeveloped land, "the most extensive such greensward in the country.
Bland on the greensward, divested amid verdure, 'undecked save with herself', the narrow virginal instrument, Eve, assumes the plenitude and bountifulness of motherhood.