greenstick fracture

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a partial fracture of a bone (usually in children)

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Over the years, this thick-bodied oak had lost most of its big upper branches, until little remained but the 15 feet of trunk and its last big branch, broken with what seemed to be a typical greenstick fracture above, the tips of its branches resting on the ground.
The doctor in casualty said it was a greenstick fracture.
She gazed at me with big brown eyes as we plastered her foreleg, which had a greenstick fracture of the radius and I think she might only have blinked once, when she was injected with painkillers and antibiotics.
Entrapment of the ulnar nerve in a greenstick fracture of the ulna.
6 Greenstick fracture If a bone in the arm or leg bends, it may crack on one side only, producing an incomplete break, called a greenstick fracture.