greenstick fracture

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a partial fracture of a bone (usually in children)

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5] In our case also, there was greenstick fracture of the distal end of ulna on right side.
3) Other advantages include the selective cutting of mineralized structures, which avoids soft-tissue injury and achieves more precise greenstick fractures, preservation of soft tissue, and maintenance of nasal function.
Orthogonal-view radiographs of both legs revealed significant changes to the right leg with continued, increased radiolucency of the right proximal tarsometatarsal metaphysis and greenstick fractures of the lateral and medial cortices of the metaphyses (Fig 4).
After the game we went to the Princess of Wales hospital and the nurse there said straight away he had a greenstick fracture.
Tibia valga, or greenstick fracture of the medial part of the proximal tibial metaphysic cause genu valgum at the proximal tibia [39] whereas in ligamentus hyperlaxity, congenital longitudinal deficiency of the fibula, or rheumatoid arthritis of the knee, it is at the knee and in metabolic bone disease and bone dysplasia at the distal femur or in both femur and the tibia.
Perhaps it is the young puppy with a greenstick fracture of a leg bone, who barely even winces when you touch the sore spot.
Over the years, this thick-bodied oak had lost most of its big upper branches, until little remained but the 15 feet of trunk and its last big branch, broken with what seemed to be a typical greenstick fracture above, the tips of its branches resting on the ground.
The doctor in casualty said it was a greenstick fracture.