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someone responsible for the maintenance of a golf course

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development spokesperson Sarah Malone and head greenskeeper Paul O'Connor.
Tim is a greenskeeper at Dutcher Creek Golf Course in the Rogue River valley.
When the greenskeeper, a displaced farmer and now also a jack-of-all-trades, was asked how he had managed to maintained the greens so well over the years with sporadic fuel supplies, problems sourcing pesticides and an erratic supply of water his reply was brief.
Edna spent her adult life living in Whickham and will be remembered by many as the Greenskeeper in Whickham Chase Park, latterly accompanied by her Border Collie Kim.
Method is committed to making products and packaging that are green to the core, like our business," said Adam Lowry, Method co-founder and chief greenskeeper.
Before working at Aintree, Mr Aynsley spent three-and-a-half years working as a greenskeeper at Leasowe Golf Course in Wirral.
For example, shortly after Work Choices went into effect, Waylon Vaughan, a greenskeeper, was sacked on the spot by Windsor Turf Supplies after questioning the quality of turf sent to a customer.
So he penned a piece about an assistant greenskeeper named Carl Spangler, a name he thought "everyone would pick up" on as being the greasy, pitchfork-wielding, gopher-hole-detonating character Bill Murray played in the oft-quoted movie "Caddyshack.
In a story about the Roswell Country Club's tournament, the editor quoted assistant greenskeeper ``Carl Spangler'' as saying the course's turf was ``a hybrid .
Now, the golf course superintendent has replaced the greenskeeper, and science is rapidiy replacing art in the profession of greens maintenance.
Lester Hall, a greenskeeper at the Savannah Golf Club near Savannah, GA, identified U-3 in 1936 as a superior plant in his collection (Juska and Hanson, 1964).
Together with his partner, Gil Edwards, formerly the head greenskeeper at the exclusive Sault Ste.
His career eventually took him to Shady Rest in New Jersey, the nation's first black country club, where he served as head pro and greenskeeper for over 30 years.
For more than a decade, Method has been bringing innovative and sustainable products to the cleaning and personal care sectors," says Adam Lowry, Method co-founder and Chief Greenskeeper.