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iron deficiency anemia in young women

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In this story, the daughter of Dibutades does not act on her longings by offering her body, nor does she rage with greensickness.
Arguing that the concept of greensickness is operating in the characterization of Desdemona, Paster cites the fact that Brabantio regrets that his daughter had not taken up with the 'curled darlings' of the nation.
Nunn, "On Vegetating Virgins: Greensickness and the Plant Realm in Early Modern Literature," in The Indistinct Human, 159-77.
Similarly, medical commonplace books included many comments in the margin about remedies for greensickness and mother-fits, thereby showing retained menses to be a popular female concern.
In these sections, she analyzes a wide range of skin-color phenomena represented in early modern literature: blackness, whiteness, blushing, blanching, sunburning, cosmetic face-painting, and greensickness, to name the most important.