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iron deficiency anemia in young women

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Similarly, medical commonplace books included many comments in the margin about remedies for greensickness and mother-fits, thereby showing retained menses to be a popular female concern.
For example, in Partridge's tract, remedies were given for both greensickness and for an absence of bloody flux, but they were not regarded as the same, greensickness being a name used to describe the absence of menstruation in females and the patients requiring a bloody flux being identified as male.
In a fascinating discussion of greensickness or "the virgin's disease," Paster shows that the demand that fathers release their daughters to future husbands, paired with the demand that young women release themselves from an assumed natural reluctance to be courted, resulted in a kind of psychosocial disease that afflicted young women.
Bruce Smith's "Hearing Green" takes more explicit pleasure in leaping, from its titular catachresis through greensickness and "Greensleeves" to the Campion/Daniel debate over rhyme and ultimately to a statement that provides an implicit rationale for this associative method: "To hear green would mean, then, allowing rhyme, alliteration, and assonance to divert the sense of hearing from its rational work.
When Capulet takes Juliet's reluctance to marry Paris as evidence of her diseased virginal state--"Out, you greensickness carrion