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Synonyms for greenness

the time of life between childhood and maturity

lack of experience and the knowledge gained from it

Synonyms for greenness

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The overarching aim of the present study was to simultaneously investigate the potential health benefits and risks associated with exposure to different types of greenness in children.
To clarify the impact of long-term drought on the Congo rainforest, Zhou and colleagues set out to see whether they could detect a trend in a satellite measure of vegetation greenness called the Enhanced Vegetation Index.
Following this, we add a 10 m buffer to both sides of the road and compute the greenness score based on the binary green image (see Figure 3) for each road segment using equation (1).
The MODIS vegetation greenness data suggest a more widespread, severe and long-lasting impact to Amazonian vegetation than what can be inferred based solely on rainfall data," said Arindam Samanta, a co-lead author from Atmospheric and Environmental Research Inc.
Second on his first couple of attempts, he defied a shade of greenness as he shrugged off a couple of jumping errors to score a comfortable win and looks the type to go on again.
One resident moved into the Kalahari in Harlem because of the newness, and not the greenness, of the building, and a couple moved to a LEED-certified building on Roosevelt Island because of the views.
This time, the focus is on formulations, their level of greenness and demonstrating the relationship between the naturalness of the product and its performance through the Green Formulation Grid (see next page).
All the leaves of the locust trees/have been leached of greenness, burned/the brown of a penitential habit:/Brother Fungus does it.
Environmental advertisements were classified into five levels of greenness ranging from extra green, green, light green, green-brown, and brown.
Corporations must consider the next level of greenness, such as ensuring their overall business practices are sustainable and that the greenness at the supermarket or car dealership represents greenness in bringing the item to market.
NEW LODGE-did not guite manage to justify the stable confidence in him at Mussel-burgh, where the hot favourite showed signs of greenness to finish third behind Panthera Lad and Dun-dock.
Too much focus on products' greenness and not enough focus on products' broader appeal--like their efficiency and cost effectiveness, the health and safety they might promote, the symbolism and status they represent, and the convenience and improved performance they offer--has resulted in consumers not buying into the market, research suggests.
The team studied seasonal variations in the greenness of plots of land and, by visiting certain sites, linked the color patterns to forms of land use.
They also rely on the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System to measure a building's greenness.
They reveled in the greenness of nature, as well as in the use of paint that they applied thickly and passionately to symbolize the beauty of what they saw around them.