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an open-air marketplace for farm products

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Partnership with Acclaimed New York Chef Kicks Off at Festival's Greenmarket Brunch presented by Lifeway Foods
High Friars is not the right place for the Greenmarket and this is why only four tenants have taken up spaces.
LOOKING BACK: Newcastle's Greenmarket many years ago.
The 60-year-old businessman, who was also chairman of Greenmarket Tenants' Association, told The Journal: "We feel robbed.
The costs involved in creating a new Greenmarket would not represent good use of public money.
We will be working very closely with Rezidor SAS and the City of Cape Town to ensure that the future of the Greenmarket Square area itself is one where locals and visitors alike can enjoy a vibrant, safe, clean, well-managed and aesthetically pleasing environment.
I THINK the public should protest about the council not rebuilding the Greenmarket.
Later on, a hugely successful greenmarket opened on the edge of a rebuilt and cleaned-up Union Square Park, and a long-abandoned building on the square at 17th Street was renovated into a Barnes & Noble superstore.
WHEN the Chronicle stated it was "a shock U-turn" by Newcastle Council in cancelling a new Greenmarket in Eldon Square, it was in fact par for the course for this council when it comes to small traders.
The World Trade Center Greenmarket has returned for the first time since September 11," Rampe said.
I CANNOT believe Newcastle Council can treat the Greenmarket in such a despicable fashion.
The Greenmarket farmers, a fixture at the World Trade Center before the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, will return to the site on June 17 under an agreement with the Port Authority, which owns the site, Governor George E.
We have a much bigger display here and are benefiting greatly from passing trade which we didn't get much of tucked away in the corner of the Greenmarket.
Hoardings were erected this week around the site on Newgate Street and Clayton Street ready for the southern end of the shopping centre, including former sites of the Greenmarket, Argos store and NCP Car Park, to be demolished.