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(corporation) the practice of purchasing enough shares in a firm to threaten a takeover and thereby forcing the owners to buy those shares back at a premium in order to stay in business

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A cross-class cram down mechanism would address this greenmail by giving scheme proponents the potential to obtain court sanction for the scheme despite a minority of creditors voting against it.
Vishny, Greenmail, White Knights, and Shareholders' Interests, 17 RAND J.
3 million in greenmail to repurchase the 474,700 shares owned by Lawrie at $26 per share, a substantial premium above the $14 to $17 per share that Lawrie had paid for its original investment.
168) The corporate takeover world, in contrast, has seen many effective statutory schemes developed to provide some level of protection against midnight raid tender offers or greenmail attempts.
Such statutes explicitly authorized the poison pill, the scorched earth defense, the 'Pac-Man' defense, the white knight defense, the crown jewel defense and the greenmail defense.
Mass media is making a lot of mentions about shareholder fights, hostile takeovers, litigations associated with decisions made at shareholder meetings, greenmail of issuers by minority shareholders, etc.
Pugnas de poder, estrategias de greenmail, alianzas estrategicas, OPA amigables y hostiles, acuerdos de tipo cartel, decisiones racionales e irracionales de los dirigentes, se mezclan en el actuar de los grupos en cuestion y particularmente en la evolucion del Grupo Familia Santodomingo.
I believe they call it greenmail on Wall Street -- that is, the act of buying up enough company stock and cause it enough pain that the controlling interests will just pay to make them go away.
Nevertheless, greenmail still occurs, (116) and it can be characterized
En el marco de la etica financiera se estudian las particularidades de dos practicas en las decisiones de inversion y financiamiento: el greenmail y el tunneling.
Some types of excise taxes have separate forms, such as the heavy highway vehicle use tax (Form 290), gas guzzler tax (Form 6197), and excise tax on greenmail (Form 8725).
53) Goodyear succeeded in retaining control of the company, but at a cost of $90 million in greenmail (54) to Goldsmith and, according to some, the "abandonment of its long-term corporate strategy.
Greenmail is a cut above ordinary email because it makes messages safe using bespoke encryption technologies, prevents spam junk mail, stops people sending mail to the wrong recipient, tells the sender when their message has been read, and gives a genuine recall facility if the sender gets it wrong--which can save red faces all round
The most notable of these institutional investors are large pension funds such as CalPERS and TIAA-CREF, both of which specifically discourage the use of unequal voting, secret ballot, supermajority requirements, staggered boards, greenmail, and poison pills, all of which are components of the Gompers et al.