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Synonyms for green







Synonyms for green

a tract of cultivated land belonging to and used by a community


something, such as coins or printed bills, used as a medium of exchange

being in an early period of growth or development

lacking experience and the knowledge gained from it

Synonyms for green

United States labor leader who was president of the American Federation of Labor from 1924 to 1952 and who led the struggle with the Congress of Industrial Organizations (1873-1952)

an environmentalist who belongs to the Green Party

a river that rises in western Wyoming and flows southward through Utah to become a tributary of the Colorado River

an area of closely cropped grass surrounding the hole on a golf course

turn or become green

of the color between blue and yellow in the color spectrum

not fully developed or mature

looking pale and unhealthy

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naive and easily deceived or tricked

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Greenly has chosen to interject fabricated dialogue to facilitate the narrative.
blackly, greenly, redly or whitely in any of the subject-related examples cited above are accepted as syntactic and semantic adjectives, then there is only the argument of the form with the '-ly' suffix to consider them adverbs.
2) While original copies of Greenly s book are now exceedingly rare, it was photographically reproduced in the 1970 Readex microform collection English and American Drama of the Nineteenth Century, though again without mention of Greenly's race or background.
Importantly, the report also reveals that most consumers would like to buy more greenly in the future - 58% said they would like to buy more sustainable products than they currently do.
Fluorine polymers, commonly referred to as fluoropolyniers, can greenly enhance the properties of coatings used in modern industrial, household, and construction products.
Today, WORLD has six paid Peer Advocates on staff: Margaret Giordano, Sylvia Young, Anna Jackson, Sharon Gambles, Liz Bates, and Felecia Greenly.
The sky is thick with UK to Paris and Brussels flights while the Eurostar glides greenly to both, half empty and twice as dear.
Waldron (1995) explored the impact of job flexibility on help-seeking behaviour by reviewing a range of relevant studies, including: a study by Marcus and Siegel (1982) who found evidence of only a modest contribution from employment status to gender differences in physician visits for chronic illnesses; studies that demonstrated there is no consistent difference between the help-seeking behaviour of employed women and of housewives (Cleary, Mechanic, & Greenly, 1982; Nathanson & Lorenz, 1982); and studies showing that women are just as likely as men to report inconvenience in arranging time for a physician (Verbrugge, 1982; Waldron, 1983).
One does not forget the predications in this chapter, as when it renders brilliantly a barn scene, the rain diminishing the fitful squalls: "After a rainstorm, before the light breaks through the clouds, everything glistens, the grass and the trees look luminous and glow greenly, lighted from within by the lightning's passing and the water.
Greenly, Severn, MD, was promoted to Major in the US Army Nurse Corps.
As we guess who the culprit is in all of this, Don't forget, my friend that right beside us The young gooseberries are growing and ripening, And, gazing at us greenly, are taking our measure.
12] See especially McColley's "Beneficent Hierarchies: Reading Milton Greenly," Spokesperson Milton: Voices in Contemporary Criticism ed.
cummings: "i thank you God for most this amazing/day: for the leaping greenly spirits of trees/and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything/which is natural which is infinite which is yes.
Laurie Greenly is a former high school teacher and current multimedia developer living in Campbell Hall, New York.