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of grey tinged with green

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Reddened intervals typically have gradational contacts with over-and underlying greenish-grey mudrocks and may contain siderite nodules, carbonized roots, and diffuse organic-rich horizons.
The nodular limestones of the Baltinava Formation are overlain by grey, bedded to nodular, biodetrital limestones with greenish-grey marl interlayers of the Ludza Formation representing the middle part of the Pirgu Stage in the easternmost study area (Ulst 1972; Ulst et al.
Technical notes: The Land Rover Discovery was a nice greenish-grey, has eight cup-holders and a really cool hydraulic step affair to clamber into the third row of seats.
Q CAN you tell me what the greenish-grey scaly stuff is that grows on the branches of some of my shrubs and fruit trees?
In reflected light: greenish-grey to light grey with greenish-brownish tint, moderate anisotropism with faded color effects from violet-blue to dark-greenish blue, insignificant bireflectance, weakly pleochroic from yellowish-olive-green to brownish-olive.
Generally growing to 35 cm in length, the plankton-feeder has a greenish-grey back and silvery side.
The first lithological unit, assigned to the Long Island Member of the Hanford Brook Formation, comprises massive, grey to greenish-grey.
In SE Estonia the sediments of the Zebre Formation are represented by greenish-grey and reddish-brown glauconitic argillaceous dolomite with a thickness up to 4 m.
The Velise Formation is dominated by grey, bluish-grey, and greenish-grey argillaceous to calcareous, often bioturbated, marlstones, with rare thin interbeds of argillaceous limestone, sometimes rich in bioclastic material.
The argillaceous beds are prevailingly greenish-grey, with very rare small red- or lilac-coloured spots.
They come from grey and greenish-grey limestones with thin interlayers of clay containing also ostracodes, bivalves, and scales of thelodonts, fragments of osteostracans and anaspids.