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Synonyms for greenish-gray

of grey tinged with green

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Hearing Ariane's news, Alex stands in the greenish-gray light of his bedroom.
8 cm long; blades greenish-gray, narrowly triangular, over 1 m long and ca.
It's a greenish-gray color more closely resembling nitrocellulose.
I hefted yet another 30-pound chunk of greenish-gray Morrison formation rock.
A primary lithologic characteristic of the Naheola Formation is the interbedded pale yellow sand and clays which often exhibit a greenish-gray color.
City officials had hoped the rare 2-inch, greenish-gray amphibian would be the silver bullet needed to kill the massive quarry, which they contend would have a devastating impact on north Los Angeles, but now it seems unlikely the toad will thwart Cemex Inc.
Greenish-gray to blackish-brown and sometimes red, it has a marbled pattern on its head, back, and sides.
Mined from an open pit, lizardite, a pale greenish-gray rock, is extracted in six- to eight-inch chunks and is pulverized and graded into an almost powder form for shipment to the eastern U.
The formation consists dominantly of greenish-gray shales, silty shales, and some sandy shales; silt and sand increase upward, and some thin beds of siltstone and very fine-grained sandstone have been found near the top.
The new packaging is greenish-gray with a small Origins logo in white and green.
Nothing could be further from a van Gogh sky, or a Minnelli one, than the acidic, greenish-gray wash at the top of the screen.
The foliage of many plants can be quite stunning and can range from pewter through various shades of blue-gray or greenish-gray to light silver.
arizonaria--hatched after catkins have disappeared -- are greenish-gray and look like oak twigs, Greene says.
The greenish-gray perennial is a legume, and is recognizable by the dense cobweb-like hairs that cover it.