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of grey tinged with green

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Hearing Ariane's news, Alex stands in the greenish-gray light of his bedroom.
8 cm long; blades greenish-gray, narrowly triangular, over 1 m long and ca.
A primary lithologic characteristic of the Naheola Formation is the interbedded pale yellow sand and clays which often exhibit a greenish-gray color.
City officials had hoped the rare 2-inch, greenish-gray amphibian would be the silver bullet needed to kill the massive quarry, which they contend would have a devastating impact on north Los Angeles, but now it seems unlikely the toad will thwart Cemex Inc.
Greenish-gray to blackish-brown and sometimes red, it has a marbled pattern on its head, back, and sides.
Mined from an open pit, lizardite, a pale greenish-gray rock, is extracted in six- to eight-inch chunks and is pulverized and graded into an almost powder form for shipment to the eastern U.
The new packaging is greenish-gray with a small Origins logo in white and green.
The foliage of many plants can be quite stunning and can range from pewter through various shades of blue-gray or greenish-gray to light silver.
arizonaria--hatched after catkins have disappeared -- are greenish-gray and look like oak twigs, Greene says.
The greenish-gray perennial is a legume, and is recognizable by the dense cobweb-like hairs that cover it.
The biological opinion was ordered after the rare 2-inch, greenish-gray toad was found along the banks of the Santa Clara.
Live frogs in the pale color phase have a greenish-gray dorsum, usually with darker gray brown mottlings and spots.
The generally shallow-dipping Miocene succession consists of a basal shallow water sequence of maroon and greenish-gray clastic units (Morterito Formation) overlain by subaerial andesitic volcaniclastic and mixed andesitic to dacitic volcaniclastic probable debris flows of the Farallon Negro Volcanic Complex.
Biologist Nancy Sandburg, who discovered the endangered arroyo toad in Santa Clarita last spring, has worked with Savaikie in protecting the 2-inch, greenish-gray toad.