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of brown tinged with green

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Flowers resupinate, horizontal, tubular-campanulate, odorless, dull white overall, sepals and petals with one and two longitudinal, greenish-brown veins, respectively, labellum with bright green to lemon yellow throat and brownish basal channel.
Furniture produced from mango timber is characterised by a grey or greenish-brown colour with a coarser texture than teak wood, giving it an attractive rustic appearance," says Richa Joshi, store manager at Fabindia Dubai.
Signs and symptoms of fibrocystic breast changes - Dense and lumpy breast - Feeling of fullness in the breasts - Pain and tenderness that tends to be generalized and may radiate to the underarm - Rarely a nipple discharge that's often greenish-brown in color - Breast cysts that are identified on breast ultrasound
The durian's thick, spiky, greenish-brown skin looks a little like a hedgehog.
Flocks of Canada geese, responsible for depositing voluminous quantities of cylindrical, greenish-brown feces on the grassy fields each day.
The Houston toad (Bufo houstonensis) is a small, greenish-brown, speckled amphibian that can be distinguished from other toads by the high-pitched, trill-sounding call that males emit during breeding choruses each spring.
These wares are characterised by a coarse dark claybody that was frequently coated with a light slip and covered in a slightly greenish-brown transparent glaze.
It's a greenish-brown slimy substance made from seaweed.
Most lobsters have a greenish-brown exoskeleton, which gets its coloring from a combination of genes that produce red, yellow, and blue pigments.
Irradiated beef has a brown or greenish-brown color, depending on the freshness of the meat.
Pseudobulbs usually completely buried underground, occasionally partially exposed, small, ovoid, leafless from the second year onwards, externally whitened, greenish-brown when exposed to sun light, (2)3.
The hunter waited until well after dark slipping quietly on tiptoes to recover his arrow, then headed to camp where close inspection of his shaft revealed the telltale greenish-brown smear with scant blood on the feathers.
In the Pacific abalone, Haliotis discus hannai, Sakai (1962) observed bluish-green, green, greenish-brown, and brown shell colors produced by different alga diets.
The three-inch, greenish-brown amphibian is widely considered Mark Twain's inspiration for "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County," and it had been 35 years since the species was last spotted within Calaveras County.
Five people who gulped down the greenish-brown brew ended up being hospitalised.