greenish blue

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a shade of blue tinged with green

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This situation causes cobalt oxide's dominance in a pigment recipe and the colour of a glazed surface turns to light greenish blue from chrome green.
There's a Schuco Electro Ingenico 5311 remotecontrol car in greenish blue and a red Schuco Ingenico Carreto 5330 trailer in very good condition, though the box is not.
The multi-hued shades of partially blue glass ranging from mid-blue to deep-blue to greenish blue poetically replicate the way water reflects the sky.
For more than half a century, outdoor construction's primary defense against rot and insect damage has been that greenish blue lumber -- also known as pressure treated, salt treated, or, under the trade name, "Wolmanized.
Okay, that's not quite how the scientists put it, but astronomers have discovered space is dominated by the greenish blue hue.
Its greenish blue skin is attractive to the eye, but cooks up with great texture, especially when pan fried.
The drink will magically turn from yellow to greenish blue and generate plenty of
Hostas - there are too many types of this fantastic foliage plant to mention - but their large-veined leaves are available in many shades and combinations of green, greenish blue, cream and yellow, and are topped with a pinky purple flower spike.
Hundreds saw the bright light - almost certainly an asteroid - streak across the sky, changing colour from yellow to greenish blue before bursting into a shower of sparks.
HAVING read your recent article on Paul Gascoigne, pictured, and his tartan suits, I am surprised and disappointed to learn he has not included the Glasgow Tartan, which is a lovely greenish blue colour and very attractive.
The greenish blues and internal light of the yellowish clouds in Angels Running 0997) are crystalline and virtuosic.