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the phenomenon of vitality and freshness being restored


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Sybille Pantazzi had puzzled over biographer Stanley Weintraub's reference to Reginald Turner's publisher as Arthur Collins (trading as Greening & Co.
Greening replaced Collins in the record, while giving William Collins's address in West Dulwich for registration purposes.
By 1909 Greening (699 shares) and Hewson (503) were Joint Managing Directors.
Elder recalled that Douglas wrote to Greening and sent him autographed copies of his books.
In 1911 Greening invited Rohmer to write an 'autobiography' for another popular comedian and friend, 'Little Tich'.
No Greening book connected with the theatre rivalled the popular success of The Scarlet Pimpernel, issued in standard 6/- form in January 1905 and reappearing at Christmas, now with H.
In January 1908 the Bookseller included the firm, issuer of 'some notable and successful novels', in a series of articles on publishers; in October, Greening attended the Publishers' Circle Book Trade Dinner celebrating the impending conclusion of the Times 'book war'.
David Elder found Greening unforthcoming with details of the company's failure, though he mentioned directors, bad times, and the burden of constantly reprinting the Orczy books ahead of receipts from sales.
Crosland cast a wide net to catch other connections of Greening & Co.
In court Manners-Sutton's counsel spoke of Greening & Co.
Both Manning Foster and Manners-Sutton withdrew from Greening & Co.
Some years after his firm closed Greening told of a year's 'hard work on the land' in Cornwall, then representing J.
Greening now needed an income and Lothian, on hearing of him from Wyatt, invited him to Melbourne.
They are eight points adrift of safety but Greening has not given up hope after being a key member of the team who stayed up in 2004/2005 despite being bottom of the table at Christmas.
Greening said: "We could go on and win all seven games.