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Synonyms for greening

the phenomenon of vitality and freshness being restored


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Lamb, that lately capered on the greening hillsides, was becoming exploited with the sauce that commemorated its gambols.
Architects and designers--important players behind the commercial greening movement--are rarely employed for homebuilding.
Citing green building benefits ranging from the satisfaction of knowing that children were no longer suffering from asthma as a result of living in a building constructed to LEED requirements, to the business benefits of lower energy costs and the increased value of the building itself, the winners of the Irish American Building Society's (IABS) First Annual Leadership Awards: The Greening of New York shared their experiences of building's New York's first green buildings with an awards ceremony audience of 150 on November 17.
Philadelphia Green, part of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, started in 1978 with a staff of two; now it's up to 38 employees, has sponsored more than 2,000 greening programs in Philadelphia's gardens and along its streets, and was responsible for planting more than 925 trees in 1992.