greenhouse emission

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a gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect by absorbing infrared radiation

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The court's 7-2 decision was a critically important victory for the EPA's efforts to regulate greenhouse emissions from coal-fired power plants, especially given the appalling refusal of Congress to approve legislation addressing the nation's - and the world's - most pressing environmental problem.
Maruti Suzuki, an India-based automaker, is planning to decrease the greenhouse emission of its vehicles.
The blueprint to train and educate engineers in nuclear, solar, wind power and other renewable energy resources is designed to enable South Korea to meet global energy sector paradigm that is rapidly moving to reduce greenhouse emissions, according to the Ministry of Knowledge Economy.
According to the Cabinet-level Environmental Protection Administration (EPA), Taiwan's greenhouse emissions showed a negative 4.
The third factor is the greenhouse emission levels resulting from each dollar of GDP.
The greenhouse emission impact will be further offset if the carbon intensiveness of energy use declines.
The second trade between Entergy and Blue Source highlights greenhouse emission reductions that occur when vent stack CO2 from industrial sources is sequestered in enhanced oil recovery operations.
The second most important greenhouse emission, methane, began to decrease its rate of increase in 1981 some 15 years before the 1996 IPCC report on climate change, which projected an increased rate of emissions for the next 50 years.
Benefits of use: reduction of waste deriving from oil spills clean-up activities, recovery of spilled oil, possible recycling of adsorbent material, limitation of use of chemical toxic dispersants, reduction of greenhouse emission
The Kyoto Protocol enables companies and governments to offset regulated greenhouse emission restrictions by investing in CO2 reduction programs in exchange for certified emission reduction (CER) credits.
Richard Adams, Sabre Travel Network's senior vice-president, EMEA, said: "The Greenhouse Emission report adds a significant environmental element to the overall service that travel management companies can offer their corporate customers.
Planktos is primarily focused on the commercial opportunities attendant to the Kyoto Protocol which permits companies and governments to offset regulated greenhouse emission restrictions by investing in carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction programs in exchange for certified emission reduction ("CER") credits.
New technologies including a new novel hydrogen catalytic process will be introduced at these three refineries to significantly reduce greenhouse emissions and refining costs.
By focusing on operational improvements, shipping companies are reducing fuel consumption, saving money and cutting greenhouse emissions, while continuing to increase the amount of freight transported.
Reduction of greenhouse emissions |in Wales: plans to reduce all greenhouse emissions to 10% of their levels in the 1990s by 2030 by investment in energy conservation, energy efficient appliances, public transport and renewable energy technology.