greenhouse effect

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warming that results when solar radiation is trapped by the atmosphere

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Using a recently developed saturation-level concept, we demonstrate that the signs of the greenhouse effect and radiative forcing are fundamentally dependent on vertical absorptivity and temperature profiles and will thus vary with wave number as well as seasonally.
Sometimes, the emitted energy continues out into space; other times, it returns to the surface, creating warming called the greenhouse effect.
Research shows that students commonly merge features of the greenhouse effect with those of the ozone layer (Boon, 2009; Gautier, Deutsch & Rebich, 2006; Hansen, 2010; Kilinc, Stanisstreet & Boyes, 2008; Lambert, Lindgren & Bleicher, 2012; Punter, Ochando-Pardo & Garcia, 2011).
Even though the Arctic region has a relatively small greenhouse effect, the effect of the melted ice combined with greater transports of heat from the south are more than enough to make up for this modest 'local' greenhouse warming.
Since a weaker sun won't save us, it looks like we're on our own when it comes to finding a way to blunt the greenhouse effect.
The reason is Mars' atmosphere is too thin and dry to produce as strong a greenhouse effect as Earth's, even when you double its carbon-dioxide content.
They found that without the sustaining support of these gases, the greenhouse effect rapidly collapsed as water vapour precipitated out of the atmosphere, and the Earth became icebound.
In other words, the countries of the world are still in dire need of the energy of oil and fuels that cause the greenhouse effect, as well as of grazing lands and agricultural land that do away with the forests that cleanse greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide (CO2).
Without the greenhouse effect, the earth would be a dead, frozen world.
Pollution from aeroplane heightens greenhouse effect, true -- so what is the solution?
Petrobras (NYSE: PBR) (NYSE: PBRA) (Bovespa: PETR), a Brazil-based company that explores, produces, refines and transports oil and gas, has announced an investment to prevent greenhouse effect gas emissions.
Soil carbon sequestration and the greenhouse effect, 2d ed.
MANY people I meet still do not understand what climate change and, more specifically, the greenhouse effect is all about.
Since methane is an even more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, the greenhouse effect went into high gear.
This layer of gases warms a planet by trapping the sun's heat, a process called the greenhouse effect.