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Synonyms for greengage

sweet green or greenish-yellow variety of plum

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The song's constantly changing nature took the audience on a thrilling emotional roller coaster, as Khoury sang about two lovers' escapades under the greengage tree.
There are many plum varieties, ranging from English greengage through to tiny yellow mirabelles, which are popular in France, where they are used in tarts, preserves and for making eau-de-vie.
Best riding performance Scobie Breasley (1965) The Australian demonstrated his trademark waiting tactics to perfection on Greengage when getting up to beat 1,000 Guineas winner Night Off by a short head
In Shanghai, the Foodon Enterprise Co produces carrot, greengage, pumpkin and mulberry juice principally for the Japanese market.
Meanwhile, Cardiff are still struggling to find their best form in the Greengage Welsh Indoor Inter Club Championship, although with more than half the season remaining they are still quite capable of launching a strong challenge from third position in the table.
Costa, Gallina Blanca, Geest, General Mills, Gerber Foods, Giovanni di Firenze, Giraudet, Glanbia, Go Tan, Gran Food, GranFood, Greci, Greencore, Greengage, Groupe Larzul, Grupo Gallo, Grupo La Doria, Grupo Sumol, H.
A long gravelled drive leads through an orchard stocked with apple, plum, greengage and cherry trees to a parking area with access to the double garage.
Along with characteristic smoothness, this classy white also delivers a fresh and delicate texture to wrap snugly around its nutty, apple and greengage flavours and the spicy backdrop, gentle acidity and faint mineral edge that all underpin them.
I paid thirty pounds for the course, and came away with three grafted trees of my choice, an apple called Howgate wonder, a cooking pear that stores long into the winter, a great idea, and an old-fashioned Greengage.
Tom Stoppard, the playwright and screenwriter, said: "I remember back in 1961 when I was a young journalist, I interviewed her for a magazine for her film The Greengage Summer, and I still remember how completely charmed I was.
Pupils have helped to plant the school's own community orchard containing a mixture of apple, pear, plum, greengage and quince trees.
Overall plum production is expected to be 75,000t, 8,000t up on last year, with President and Greengage being the main varieties to be promoted in the UK.
Fruit Duets is a classic range of products for the bath, body and home in four exotic fruit combinations: Rosehip & Nectarine, Quince & Pomegranate, Clementine & Grapefruit, Greengage & Lime.
The increasingly popular Albarino grape flourishes there, creating fresh and sharp wine like this - centred, as it is, around zingy grapefruit and lingering greengage flavours.
After securing Big Lottery funding, Gofal's GreengAge project was born, aiming to address social isolation and help reduce the deterioration of general and mental wellbeing in older people.