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Keep a lookout for a late attack of greenfly on plums.
I don't know what the weeds want, don't know what that greenfly signifies, don't know whether old jackets, old trousers when with their spoons rusty and tinny windward they ring, to vespers or ave they ring or to the insurrection of every scarecrow.
Aphids, also known as the greenfly, blackfly or plant lice, are minute soft-bodied insects found worldwide that suck the sap from the stems and leaves of various plants and cause damaging effects to crops, fruit trees, gardens, house plants and more.
On Saturday, May 12, walkers will meet at the Greenfly in Bedwas at 10.
Keep greenfly under control on your roses, as they increase the risk of sooty mould and spread a virus that can be identified by yellow leaves and twisted growth.
A I expect that this is the work of a woolly aphid - a kind of greenfly.
There was also success for another Conway yacht Smokehaze (Roy Yates) in the Keelboat fleet Greenfly in the Squibs and Elin in the Fifes were newwinners Asuccessful Festival ends today with the Royal Anglesey Yacht Club Regatta at Beaumaris, starting at 11am.
Keep a beady eye out for greenfly and other aphids and exterminate them
They're green and have the unusual power of attracting greenfly by the score.
Each application offers up to four months' protection against vine weevil, but will also help control greenfly, blackfly and whitefly for up to six weeks.
Slugs, cats, greenfly and foxes are the scourge of the British gardener, according to a new survey.
Eyes on flies Regularly check plants for greenfly and blackfly as they will start to show up now.
The problem with strawberries is they pick up viral infections, often from greenfly, which eventually wear them down.
We do our best to rid our homes of mice, silverfish, cockroaches, bed mites and greenfly on the petunias.