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Synonyms for greenery

Synonyms for greenery

green foliage


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Condition the greenery by soaking the foliage in a deep bucket of water for several hours or overnight.
Simple steps to improve Brum I AGREE entirely with the comments made by John Read (Letters, October 6) regarding the lack of greenery in Birmingham city centre.
The new marine park at the water front will have landscaping and lots of greenery.
Summary: Going beyond merely extending greenery to enhance a family-friendly leisure area, Al Majaz Waterfront provides world-class leisure and entertainment facilities for people of all ages.
He informed that the city needed greenery as the green cover stood at merely 0.
Hatata said the property will focus on greenery and the environment.
It is due to the fact that they water the greenery during daytime.
This is supposed to reflect the people's wishes for more greenery; well if this is the architect's idea of greenery he must be from a completely barren desert area.
Tourists who visited the site said the green coloured Santa Claus urges everyone to stop cutting trees and spread the message of greenery.
Abu Dhabi Green areas in the capital are set to grow by 40 per cent by 2014 and provide a per capita greenery share of 25 square metres, an official told Gulf News yesterday on the sidelines of the official launch of Afforestation Week.
The meadow-like area to the left is now lawned with mature trees and the sprig of bush on the extreme right is now a mass of foliage, but we have noted several times before that in terms of greenery - the 1950s and 60s were much less well endowed than today.
Everyone wants a pond, they just don't know it yet," said Mark Packard, owner of Sterling Greenery.
The Sweet Sensation, created by Dutch produce companies The Greenery and New Sensations, is bred from the Doyenne du Comice pear variety but has a much sweeter taste.
With the proposed developments around Heathwood and Maesyscoed Roads, and Glamorgan's plans for Sophia Gardens, there will be no greenery left for the residents of Cardiff to enjoy.
Apart from making an eye-catching statement, the greenery functions as a heat and light diffusing screen; it also acts as a counterpoint to the angular contours and hard surfaces of the building behind.