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a belt of parks or rural land surrounding a town or city


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Greenbelt campaigner Sandra Camwell said: "We had a phenomenal turn-out from councillors which made us wonder why, all of a sudden, they have come out of the woodwork.
Now, the question must be posed, what has changed to allow about 2,500 acres of greenbelt to be developed upon every year?
One major objection to the plan is that the project could create a gap in the greenbelt around the Santa Clarita Valley.
The Province will hold public consultations, across the Greater Golden Horseshoe and Greenbelt area, on the review of four provincial land use plans to grow the Greenbelt, protect prime agricultural land, build transit friendly communities and support economic development.
Hexham Conservative Guy Opperman, pictured, says residents fighting housing schemes and local authority plans to delete sections of greenbelt for new residential and business developments would win or lose in the next few months.
Families battling to save greenbelt near the proposed site on Dunston Hill, will voice their concerns at a public meeting tonight.
Planning officials said that as it was on greenbelt land the house should go but in an outbreak of commonsense the councillors have overruled the advice and say it can stay.
We have gone from "no building in the greenbelt until all brownfield sites have been developed" to "until the majority of brownfield sites have been developed".
We look forward to helping Greenbelt Resources and Diversified Ethanol meet their insurance and risk management needs now and into the future.
Let us be clear, the Greenbelt Festival is not the Glastonbury festival.
Just whose characterization of the situation is more accurate became a moot point Thursday, after the destruction of the little greenbelt by a county earth-mover.
ASRC Management Services announced today that it has been awarded a contract to provide engineering services to NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.
Hexham Conservative Guy Opperman said county residents fighting housing schemes and local authority plans to delete sections of greenbelt to make way for residential and business development would win or lose in the next few months.
CAMPAIGNERS say it's a cut not good enough as town hall bosses reduce the number of homes proposed to be built on greenbelt land.
A SWATHE of greenbelt that was safeguarded from development is now under the spotlight again.