green-winged teal

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common teal of Eurasia and North America

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Blue-winged teal and northern shovelers had the greatest diversity in subtypes, followed by green-winged teal (Tables 1, 2; online Appendix Tables 1-3).
Top bird was the pintail (38), followed by 27 green-winged teal and eight gadwall and shovelers.
The other ducks of greatest importance to Mississippi Flyway hunters include gadwalls, green-winged teal and blue-winged teal.
My Labrador and I were moving along a twisting creek that had clusters of green-winged teal tucked in by its banks.
Except for one green-winged teal banded two years ago in Quebec, 23 recaptures were all originally banded in Massachusetts.
The male green-winged teal re-appeared there at the weekend.
The farm operator identified the American widgeon, Eurasion widgeon, blue-winged teal, and green-winged teal as hatch-year birds.
Some are transient visitors such as the American green-winged teal, the lazuli bunting and the belted kingfisher.
I knew that I'd found a Green-winged Teal, a bird that has only occurred in North Wales a handful of times this century, having wandered from America.
Meanwhile a long-billed dowitcher and green-winged teal both remained at Inner Marsh Farm RSPB reserve, Burton.
As IF REFLECTED IN SOME KIND of fun-house mirror, blue- and green-winged teal, along with their trophy brother the cinnamon and the myriad of other teal species worldwide, are magnified in the minds of waterfowlers, bearing a much larger reputation than what their diminutive chassis should project.
He had the bumper and was breaking out of the reeds when six green-winged teal zipped in low--characteristically out of nowhere--and dropped into the decoys, apparently untroubled by two men easing down behind a grass screen 25 yards away and a black dog swimming close by in open water.
His home is filled with carvings of birds, including a green-winged teal, a puffin, a merlin and an owl.
Over on the north east coast the drake green-winged teal has moved from Martin Mere to Inner Marsh Farm -try spotting it among the other 2,500 teal.