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Synonyms for green light

Synonyms for green light

a signal to proceed

permission to proceed with a project or to take action

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Since the Spanish Government green-lighted oil major Repsol's plans in May, Rivero has unremittingly shown his full disapproval of a business venture he says will put the archipelago's tourism sector 'at high risk.
The project has been proposed and debated and revised since 1995 and was finally green-lighted for development in January 2013.
Marco Botti is yet to decide whether Dandino gets green-lighted for the Coronation Cup, but there were no doubts over the participation of the progressive March in the First Cafe's Posh Fast Food Handicap and she duly delivered under Adam Kirby, carrying on from where she left off in 2012 to complete a hat-trick.
That was a reversal from recent sessions that have seen the yen sell off sharply after the G20 effectively green-lighted the Bank of Japan's plan for aggressive stimulus.
After getting the project green-lighted on its third attempt, the company rushedits product into stores in North America, Britain, Europe and Australia nine days before Christmas, with an astounding response, News.
The daily said that the German foreign ministry had green-lighted a 1.
The insurer has been green-lighted to remove 20,990 policies in January.
While other ministers spouted rhetoric about spreading prosperity to other nations and regions of the UK and ending Britain's dependence on the City, she pushed the Treasury to electrify the Welsh rail network and green-lighted a direct train link to Heathrow.
Wall Street Journal , Chinese antitrust regulators only green-lighted the
According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Chinese antitrust regulators only green-lighted the deal at the weekend under the condition that Google continues to make its Android OS widely available to all smartphone markers and not just Motorola over the next five years.
An application for the biomass boiler, which will heat homes in the Byker Wall, went before city council and was green-lighted despite concerns raised by some residents.
Environment minister John Griffiths this week green-lighted the proposals, which will see 230 sq km in Wrexham and the Dee Valley fall under the new designation.
From the money-hungry greedy music promoters who green-lighted Murray's fasttracking to the Jackson camp to the so-called close friends and family who should have been looking out for him, Michael Jackson was the biggest star on the planet, seemingly without a true friend in the world.
Yishai has reportedly green-lighted the construction of 1,600 housing units
When paper was cheap, trying out free-distribution ideas didn't involve a lot of money; as the cost of paper has risen in recent months, these things need to be at least break-even to continue to be green-lighted.