green-eyed monster

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a feeling of jealous envy (especially of a rival)


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And Bianca gets a touch of the green-eyed monster when she overhears Liam working on a new song called Melinda.
A study by Stirling University's Dr Craig Roberts claims sex hormones in the contraceptive Pill bring out the green-eyed monster, making a woman more possessive and more likely to fret about her husband or boyfriend's fidelity.
Watching a brother or sister do better than you can bring out the green-eyed monster like little else in life.
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason *** (2004) (ITV1, 9pm) PICTURED This time around, Bridget is happily ensconced in a relationship with the delicious Mark Darcy (Colin Firth), but the green-eyed monster rears its ugly head with the arrival of her beau's perky new intern.
As the rest of us skidded around, their sure-footedness was enough to bring out the green-eyed monster.
Redic used the following maneuvers to escape the suctioning tentacles of the green-eyed monster, and so can you:
There is a little bit of the green-eyed monster involved here and there is quite an easy stereotype to pick on.
Tonight sees the Welsh actress star in BBC1's new psychological thriller Green-Eyed Monster.
Ben and Abbie fall hard for each other, and Robert, easy-going until this point, suddenly turns into a resentful, green-eyed monster.
Meanwhile, Maddie and Sophie are on a mission to save cute pooch Eccles after Tracy's misguided death sentence and Contrary Mary has an attack of the green-eyed monster when Julie gets far too cosy with Dev for her liking.
The leafy shade dress is gorgeous but wearing with matching accessories leaves me looking like the green-eyed monster.
When she lies to keep her secret, the green-eyed monster overcomes him and it isn't long before officers from the Border Agency turn up at the B&B, following a tip-off.
I'M afraid the green-eyed monster bites even the most grown-up people, Peter.
It is the colour for envy, so sport this colour at that Halloween party and see more than one green-eyed monster eye you up.
A ARE you sure you aren't just suffering a nip from the green-eyed monster, Louise?