green-eyed monster

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a feeling of jealous envy (especially of a rival)


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50 thinks flashing the greenbacks is funny, but it appears to be nothing but a bad case of the green-eyed monster.
If you teach English in a secondary school, you may occasionally have noticed a green-eyed monster prowling around.
As some people spend more time stroking their cats and dogs than having physical contact with their partner, this extreme bond can understandably cause the green-eyed monster to rise up - and 12 percent blame it for putting a strain on their relationship.
The green-eyed monster rears its ugly head and brings out all my insecurities.
Maybe someone is not doing their job properly and just sitting back and whingeing, with a touch of the green-eyed monster.
Also highly recommended, especially for those new to Modesty Blaise and her adventures, are the earlier graphic novel compilations of her diverse and exciting adventures from Titan Books, including: The Gabriel Set-Up (1840236582); Mister Sun (184023721X); Top Traitor (184023-6841); The Black Pearl (1840238429); Bad Suki (184023864X); The Hell Makers (1840238658); The Green-Eyed Monster (1840238666); and The Puppet Master (1840238674).
But the green-eyed monster might start rearing its ugly head when the boys back home learn how Harrison put in the R&R necessary to recover from his efforts in the 86-degree heat of southern Mauritius.
Still, Bassett remains at the pumpkin's side for four or five hours a day, nursing it, pampering it, so much so that some of his family members may have a case of the green-eyed monster.
3 percent for the osteinsible couch potatoes planted in from of the green-eyed monster for more than three hours a day.
We are meeting to discuss her latest project, a new BBC thriller called Green-Eyed Monster, a project she is 'very excited' about.
Be patient with such people, for someday all your coworkers will be younger than you, and you too, may feel a pinch from the green-eyed monster.
NICK attempts to prove he hasn't been taken over by the green-eyed monster by organising a day out at the seaside with Leanne, Toyah, Peter and Steve.
Later, the green-eyed monster erupts and Zak floors Rishi with a punch.
SEEING those stunning pictures of the Northern Lights at Saltburn provoked the green-eyed monster in me because if I had a bucket list, witnessing the aurora borealis would be on it.
And Debbie tries to reassure Pete, who has turned into the green-eyed monster over Ross.