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Synonyms for green-eyed

resentfully or painfully desirous of another's advantages

Synonyms for green-eyed

suspicious or unduly suspicious or fearful of being displaced by a rival

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He said: "All the bus drivers would come over to eye up my mum and her sister - the green-eyed and blueeyed girls.
Crawford read "The Green-Eyed Girl" at the library event; the poem is a sestina - a complex form of six six-line stanzas that end in the same six words in a different order, and a seventh stanza includes all six key words.
Green-eyed consumers should use-matte shades of green in muted tones like NYX Loose Pearl Eye Shadow in Lime and brown eyes will be illuminated with bright green shades and olives like NYX Chrome Eye Shadow in Green & Key Lime.
I'M afraid the green-eyed monster bites even the most grown-up people, Mike.
Redic used the following maneuvers to escape the suctioning tentacles of the green-eyed monster, and so can you:
Now Thorston is an old man, an alchemist, and on his deathbed he seeks a green-eyed reader who can reveal the book's secrets and grant him immortality.
Adam Kerbel, a green-eyed, half-Mexican, half-Jewish senior, said the recognition is a way of moving forward and away from the ugly incident.
Also highly recommended, especially for those new to Modesty Blaise and her adventures, are the earlier graphic novel compilations of her diverse and exciting adventures from Titan Books, including: The Gabriel Set-Up (1840236582); Mister Sun (184023721X); Top Traitor (184023-6841); The Black Pearl (1840238429); Bad Suki (184023864X); The Hell Makers (1840238658); The Green-Eyed Monster (1840238666); and The Puppet Master (1840238674).
An original story by Marcie Gilbert and Jamie Green, Zee Adventure One: Borrowing China is a whimsical picturebook about a red-haired, green-eyed girl named Zee who sets out to ask to borrow the country of China for her mother's dinner party, not realizing that her mother just wants to rent fancy plates.
Beware the green-eyed monster, isn't that what they say?
The green-eyed beauty appears as a music schoolteacher in new film A Fond Kiss.
Juanita is a light-skinned, green-eyed, teenage girl struggling to gain the acceptance of her peers in the mean projects of Brooklyn.
3 percent for the osteinsible couch potatoes planted in from of the green-eyed monster for more than three hours a day.
Follow this simple quiz to find out if you have a kind, generous soul or are in the clutches of the green-eyed monster.
Dressed in a selection of stunning designer clothes and high-heeled boots, and sparkling with $4 million worth of diamonds (all on loan for the shoot), the six-foot, green-eyed blonde posed in different rooms of a rented apartment.