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Synonyms for tomatillo

Mexican annual naturalized in eastern North America having yellow to purple edible fruit resembling small tomatoes

annual of Mexico and southern United States having edible purplish viscid fruit resembling small tomatoes

small edible yellow to purple tomato-like fruit enclosed in a bladderlike husk

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You'll barely recognize the thin slice of green tomato, which is buried inside a layer of fried breading.
At SIAL the Chinese loved our Tomato Relish and Green Tomato Pickles in addition to the salsa.
My grandmother would make green tomato preserves every year from a recipe in The Settlement Cook Book, and she personalized them by adding sliced candied ginger.
Place green tomato around the plate, put the leaves in a haphazard fashion around and over.
2) Green tomato chutney is ladled into sterilized canning jars.
For the green tomato jam: In saucepan, combine all ingredients but
A slice of the pickled green tomato on a grilled burger gets our lips smacking.
So chefs at the European Space Agency have created recipes for nutritious fare designed for long-duration space missions to places like Mars: Spirulina gnocchis, Martian bread with green tomato jam, and potato-tomato mille-feuilles.
apple, blackberry, fig, even green tomato for those last stubborn specimens that won't ripen on the vine.
Put the other green tomato and the apple in the second bag and seal it.
Amongst their organic chutneys there is a choice of Date and orange, Green tomato with chilli, Organic pickles, Apple, celery and onion, and Traditional ploughman's pickle.
We love a fried green tomato sandwich or salad with a zesty remoulade sauce.
gl/5rUV4), or savor green tomatoes in all their glory with these flavorful green tomato recipes collected from the online MOTHER EARTH NEWS Archive.
That's how Applebee's describes it's new Fried Green Tomato & Turkey Club sandwich.