green thumb

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a special ability to make plants grow

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The Green Thumb Coalition has issued a nine-point action plan, drawn from Duterte's pronouncements during the campaign period, 'to gauge [his] commitment to a propeople, pro-environment agenda for his first 100 days of office.
Green Thumb stated: "The birds feed off the grubs, causing damage to the lawn as they peck through the grass.
In fact, recent brain imaging shows that a cliche like green thumb doesn't even trigger the part of the brain that deciphers metaphorical language but instead activates only the mental dictionary.
One is the story of Rick Hansen written by Canada's acclaimed playwright Dennis Foon and the second is a collection of six plays from Canada's acclaimed Green Thumb Theatre in Vancouver which was co-founded by Foon.
The DGA Green Thumb Awards recognize outstanding new garden products available by mail or online.
In a bid to raise awareness of the problem, Ab Fab actress Joanna Lumley is fronting Love Your Lawn Week, which has been organised by Tyneside-based lawn treatment service, Green Thumb.
Now's a great time to give your green thumb a shot (seriously
Local companies Green Thumb Lawns and EA Reed & Sons lent a hand.
CANOGA PARK - Civic leader Dale Bergquist, the founder of Green Thumb Nursery, one of Canoga Park's oldest family-owned businesses, has died.
Today, Green Thumb is one of the country's most successful city-run community garden programs.
Anyone with a green thumb knows that mulching your beds is one of the best ways to ensure a healthy garden.
The Welsh entrepreneur called his new business Green Thumb.
Green Thumb Ltd, based in St Asaph, has seen an upturn in business as people invest in their homes rather than move house because of the credit crunch.
It follows an upturn in business for Green Thumb, as people invest in their homes, rather than move, because of the recession.