green pea soup

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made of fresh green peas and stock with shredded lettuce onion and celery

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FRESH GREEN PEA SOUP WITH SOMERSET BRIE Serves 4 Somerset brie is one of Britain's best cheeses.
A tofu, sweetcorn and green pea soup is not a dish you see every day.
On a soup plate there were sundried tomato tortellini, and a dollop of ricotta cheese and in grand fashion the green pea soup was poured over it.
On the menu is mulled wine, green pea soup served with rustic bread, venison casserole served and vegetables and apple pie, syllabub and damson tart.
Strain this ham-enhanced liquid to make the most delicious puree of green pea soup.
Green pea soup was vibrant green in colour, smooth in texture, and with an intense fresh flavour, a real taste of the garden
Both daughters chose starters of green pea soup, with white truffle oil and Affila cress; the soup was piping hot, with vibrant taste and colour, fresh and zingy.